Vs (Visual Studio) Warcraft plug-in development tool addon studio for wow 1.0 contains Lua editing

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Addon studio for World of Warcraft 1.0 Release

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Addon studio for World of Warcraft is an open-source development tool designed to develop the World of Warcraft plug-in using the Visual Studio environment. This is the first version of this project. We have a lot of ideas to add later.

Main functions

Visual Development Interface-Addon studio contains a set of controls that you can visually customize the appearance of your plug-in by dragging and dropping. Some common Visual Studio functions such as snap lines (used to visually align controls) it is also integrated.

Lua Editor-Addon Studio provides a powerful Lua code editing environment, supports syntax highlighting, text coloring, function folding, embedded wow functions, Event code prompts, Lua syntax construction, bookmarked code browsing, declaration viewing, and other functions, all ide settings are customizable.

Framexml code prompt-Addon Studio provides embedded framexml mode checks for developers who need to manually edit or customize framexml labels.

Automatically generate TOC-Addon studio can also automatically generate the TOC file according to your project definition.

Automatically generate Lua events-The addon studio property panel displays all available properties and events for a Lua control or form, and generates event handles, such as button_onclick events.

Other functions-Addon Studio provides more functions, such as generating ACE2 project templates, automatically deploying to wow directories, task panels, framexml error lists, Lua compilation errors, support for TGA/MP3 file formats, and powerful search and replacement functions. All of this is scalable. developers can add other tools/editors for plug-in development.

Start from here

If you are a wow plug-in developer, see the http://www.codeplex.com/WarcraftAddOnStudio/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx and click Install. Depending on your system configuration, the installation process may be up to 30 minutes. Please be patient. After the installation is complete, choose help> tutorials>Creating Your First World of Warcraft addonTo start plug-in development.

Visual Studio Function Extension

Addon studio is also a good example of how to build your own IDE, for more information about Visual Studio Feature extensions, see http://msdn.com/vsx.


1. Official complete installation package download: http://www.codeplex.com/WarcraftAddOnStudio/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx

2. Play more complete installation package download: http://wowui.duowan.com/upimg/soft/exefiles/RTM-12-14-2007.zip

3. Download only the main program: http://silverfox.name/files/WowAddonStudioSetup.msi


1. Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5

2. Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 redistributable package

3. Microsoft Visual maxcompute 2008 shell (isolated mode) redistributable package

2 and 3 are included in the official download, and 3 is included in 1. (Really complicated relationship -___-)

Installation remarks

1. If vs2005 is installed in the system, the installed addon studio cannot save the project and the message "this operation shocould not be completed. No such interface'' supported "is displayed ".

For personal analysis, because vs2005 has registered some files, and vs2008 does not cover registration, there is no solution.

2. to enable the framexml verification function, copy the UI. XSD (which can be solved using the World of Warcraft addon kit or downloaded here) to % ProgramFiles %/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/XML/schemas/and restart addon studio.

Known issues

1. The method to enable the Automatic completion function of "Lua function", "Wow function", and "Event" is not found.

2. After changing the configuration, the prompt for selecting the configuration file is displayed every time you open addon studio.

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