VS2008 SP1 + QT 4.8.6 + OpenSSL

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VS2008 SP1 + QT 4.8.6 + OpenSSL

Today a brother to WebKit, we are really tossing the crawler this stuff, but WebKit compiled a little tangled, simply found Qtwebkit, choose a more mature version of QT 4.8.6. Come along, too much to prepare, this may be open source fun.

1. Installing Perl

Because you want to support SSL, you can install this http://strawberryperl.com/on Windows

2. Compiling OpenSSL

To the website of OpenSSL http://www.openssl.org/source/download the latest OpenSSL code: OPENSSL-1.0.1C

After extracting the code, there is a install.w32 file in the root directory, which is the compilation method under Windows.

Start the VS2008 tool command line in the Start menu in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008\visual Studio Tools under this directory, where there are multiple command lines, I chose "Open Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt "this one.

#First, switch to the root directory of the OpenSSL code>CD Openssl\source\path#If you have NASM installed, you can compile it in the form of a compilation to speed up the operation of OpenSSL.#execute the following two sentences> Perl Configure vc-win32--prefix=D:\library\openssl>ms\do_nasm#If you do not want to use assembly compilation, execute the following two sentences to#--prefix is specifying the location where you want to install OpenSSL> perl Configure vc-win32 no-asm--prefix=D:\library\openssl>Ms\do_ms#Start compiling> NMAKE- FMs\ntdll.mak#install to the directory specified in prefix> NMAKE- FMs\ntdll.mak Install
3. Compiling Qt 4.8.6

To http://qt-project.org/downloads download Qt4.8.6 code, note not under libraries, under source Code. Or just click here to download Qt-opensource-windows-x86-vs2008-4.8.6.exe

This article is very good, but the next libraries can also be compiled by themselves. This is a version of the old some. I'm also referencing here, compiling VS2008 + QT


3.1. Correcting WebKit code issues

There is a HashSet.h file in the WebKit library that causes the compilation to fail, and on the Stack overflow someone gives a workaround here.
Replace the src\3rdparty\webkit\source\javascriptcore\wtf\hashset.h in the QT root directory with the contents of this file.

Another problem with compiling is src\3rdparty\webkit\source\webcore\platform\defaultlocalizationstrategy.cpp this file hint "constant has line break"

Opening this file will find the No. 327 line "<selection>"The quotation marks are full-width, and the file encoding is UTF8, without bombreturnWeb_ui_string ("Look up "<selection>"","Look up context menu item with selected word"). Replace ("<selection>", Truncatedstringforlookupmenuitem (selectedstring));//replaced byreturnWeb_ui_string ("Look up \"<selection>\"","Look up context menu item with selected word"). Replace ("<selection>", Truncatedstringforlookupmenuitem (selectedstring));
3.2 Start compiling QT
# switch to the root directory of the QT code > cd  qt\source\dir#  Execute Configure#  If you can't find configure, then you must have switched to the wrong directory # The last-I and-L are using the OpenSSL libraries > Configure-mp-opensource that we compiled earlier - Nomake demos-nomake examples-platform win32-msvc2008-openssl-i D:\openssl\include-L D:\openssl\lib#  When you are prompted for copyright, select y#  Configure after completion, if everything is OK, will prompt you nmake,#  NMAKE compiles then > NMAKE

# Be patient for two hours. It's time to compile. (according to the author, it should be, depending on your machine, the machine is a little brother, wait a while)

VS2008 SP1 + QT 4.8.6 + OpenSSL

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