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Use VS2013 It's been a while since the early days were written C/S program that is not used to b/S Debugger. A few days ago, the creation of an MVC project, suddenly found that VS2013 can not debug, reported such a mistake.

a little bit of a sudden, Why ?

Modify the properties of the project Web items, as follows.

F5 run, still error.

And then I knew it was Web The debugger didn't start, but it didn't understand why. So check The installation of IIS8.5, some may need to install the installed.

F5 operation, the problem remains.

The focus of the problem is clear. IIS Express failed to start. Then think about viewing events to see if there are more specific logs logged.

There are three related events, the same as the first two, respectively.

What's the matter with Iisnode, we know that Iisnode is integrated in IIS used to host a node. JS application to replace a module from the managed Node.exe process.

" C : \program Files (x86) \iisnode-dev\release\x86\iisnode.dll "doesn't exist at all, it's even more dizzy." It is unclear why IIS Express will fail to start.

I decided to make it clear . IIS Express What the hell is that thing.

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Currently, programmers can only develop and test ASP. NET Web site programs through one of the following two Web servers:

1. Visual studio comes with an ASP. NET Development Server (Webdev.exe).

2. Windows comes with an IIS Web server.

Each of the two scenarios has pros and cons, and many ASP. NET programmers tell us: "I want a server that is as easy to use as an ASP. NET development server, but with the same powerful functionality as IIS." Today I am pleased to announce that we will offer another new, free, choice-iis Express, which combines the advantages of the top two programs, which makes it easier to develop and run ASP.

IIS Express supports vs 2010 and visual Web Develop Express, which can run on Windows XP and later, it does not require administrator privileges to run, and does not require any changes to the code. You can use it to develop all types of ASP. NET programs, and it also supports the full set of IIS 7.x features.

Existing programmes

before we go into details about IIS Express, let's take a look at the ASP. NET Development Server and IIS Way of working.

Asp. NET Development Server

The advantage of the Visual studio's own ASP. NET Development Server (the development Code "Cassini") is simplicity and ease of quick start-up. It does not need to listen for remote connection requests (so it can be used in a secure network environment in most enterprises) and you do not even have to use an administrator account to start it, and it does not require additional installation steps.

It is because of the great advantage of starting convenience that it becomes the default server for the ASP. When you press F5 in Visual Studio, it starts.

However, the drawback of the ASP. NET development server is that it does not provide full Web server functionality. For example, it does not support Ssl,url rewrite rules, custom security settings, and other features that are supported in IIS 7 .

IIS Web Server

There is a second choice of-iis to run and test the program with Visual Studio. You can configure the Web project to use IIS by right-clicking the Web Project in Visual Studio, opening its properties (click the Web tab in the Properties window).

Using IIS as your development server allows you to test the functionality of the full Web server (Ssl,url rewrite rules, etc.). IIS is a real-world Web server-This means deploying a similar development environment on the job server.

However, the disadvantage of using IIS is that some companies do not allow the installation of a full Web server on a development machine. IIS also requires an administrator account to install and debug the Web site. Different versions of Windows support different versions of IIS. For example, on Windows XP, you can only use the self-brought IIS 5.1-all new features of IIS 7.x that it does not support. In addition, configuring the Web site project to use IIS in VS also has some additional installation and configuration steps.

IIS express-"Fish" and "Bear paws" both

IIS Express combines the benefits of the ease-of-use of the ASP and the powerful features of IIS. To be exact:

        • It is concise and easy to install (the file size is less than 10 megabytes and the installation speed is quite fast).
        • in Visual Studio No administrator privileges required To start and debug your program.
        • provides a Full- Web Server Features --including SSL, URL rewriting, multimedia support, and all other IIS 7.x modules.
        • Its extensible model and the Web. config configuration structure are the same as IIS 7.x.
        • It can run on the same machine as the IIS Web server and the ASP. NET Development Server (they do not conflict with each other).
        • It supports Windows XP and later operating systems-a complete set of IIS 7.x features is available on all operating system platforms.

IIS Express, like the ASP. NET development server, can quickly start a Web site program from a folder on your hard disk. It does not require any registration or configuration steps . This feature makes it very convenient to start and run the site during web site development.

Integration with VS

The SP1 of Visual Studio 2010 introduces IIS Express support. You will be able to configure VS 2010 to use it instead of the ASP. NET Development server as the default Web server for the ASP. As with the current ASP. NET development server, you do not need to register a site or virtual directory in IIS Express. It supports the same use of the ASP. NET development Server-just adds more functionality.

When you press F5 to run an ASP. NET project, Visual studio automatically launches IIS Express and uses it to run and debug the Web site program (no additional configuration is required). Like the ASP. NET development Server, when IIS Express runs, a small icon appears in the notification area of the taskbar:

You can quickly turn off IIS Express by right-clicking the icon above and selecting Exit. You can also right-click to list the sites that are running, as well as the folder path of the site and the used. NET version:

[Note: IIS Express is English]

Please note that the two cool places are:

1. The running site "Test site", as well as the IIS express itself, is saved in the C:\users\[User name folder of the hard disk. This allows non-administrator users to use IIS Express and Web sites, and it also supports scenarios where the current IIS server is not implemented (for example, you can run IIS Express on a restricted corporate network environment or a restricted school public computer).

2. The site "Test site" that is running above supports both HTTP and HTTPS access. IIS Express supports URL access control lists (URL ACLs) by automatically installing self-signed certificates and SSL authentication, so that programmers (who log on to a computer as a non-administrator user) can use SSL without the need to elevate user rights or perform additional settings . This feature allows you to set up the pages you need to protect for SSL in your program (such as the login page) and run and test them as you do in the real Web server during development.

IIS 7.x Feature Set

IIS Express is as easy to start and use as the ASP. NET development services that you are already familiar with. But because IIS Express is based on the same code as IIS 7x, you can use a collection of features for the full Web server. This also means that you can create and run your program as you would on a real job Web server. In addition to SSL, you can also use IIS 7.x URL rewrite modules , multimedia plugins, dynamic content compression, advanced logging, custom security policies, and other colorful modules.

In addition to supporting ASP., IIS Express also supports legacy ASP and other file types supported by IIS-making it an ideal platform for consolidating multiple technology sites.


IIS Express makes it easier to develop, run, and test web programs. It supports all versions of ASP. And all application types (including ASP. NET Web Forms programs and ASP. NET MVC programs). Best of all-you don't need to change any code to use it. You will be able to select it in all existing projects.

for VS2010 Publish SP1 patches, this patch will replace the original built-in ASP. NET Development server with IIS Express. Subsequent versions of Visual Studio have built-in IIS Express.

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since VS2013 are built-in. IIS Express8.0, Why is there a case of startup failure?

in the IIS Express the download page seems to have found the answer,

See WebMatrix, I used it before. 2.0 version, its taskbar icon and iisexpress is the same, is it not to install it.

Installing WebMatrix 3.0 After you open the project, F5 start, problem solving!

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