VS2017 Cordova IONIC2 Mobile development Environment Construction Tutorial

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1. Documentation Overview

This document describes a run environment configuration that uses Ionic 2 for cross-platform development under visual Studio 2017.

2. Installation Environment


3. Install Visual Studio 2017community

3.1 Official Download Address: www.visualstudio.com/downloads/

3.2 To run the installer, check mobile development using JavaScript as shown in.

3.3 For VS2017 expansion IONIC2 installation

3.3.1 Run VS2017, click on the menu bar tools, expand and update

3.3.2 Installing NPM Task Runner

Search NPM Task Runner on the left point of the Extension and Update window to the right, and find the post-click Download

3.3.3 Installation Ionic2

Same as 3.3.2 search Ionic2 find Ionic 2 Templates for Visual Studio 2017, then click Download

3.3.4 Close Visual Studio 2017 and start installing the two extensions downloaded above.

Or do not use the above method, after installing node. js, execute at the command line:npm install-g Cordova Ionic

3.4 Setting up a IONIC2 project

After you click OK, you see that the right Solution Explorer dependency is being restored.

If the restore fails, use the Proxy tool FQ such as VPN.

3.5 Run

If all goes well and the dependency restore is all successful, you can start executing.

It takes a while to run, and later the browser sees the following interface, which means it's completely successful.

3.6 But, is it so smooth?!

I am in dependency restore here, even if the agent is open, the VPN still appears error @ionic/app-scripts not installed

3.6.1 Solutions

Enter the command prompt for Windows.

Input: npm install @ionic/app-scripts@latest--save-dev

If executed smoothly, enter VS2017 again will find @ionic/app-scripts has been updated well.

3.6.2 However, the execution of the above command appeared

Cannot download "Https://github.com/sass/node-sass/releases/download/v4.5.0/win32-x64-51_binding.node":

How to solve it:

1. Manually download the above link in the browser, save the file to a directory

2. Then go to Windows command prompt: Set Sass_binary_path=e:/tools/win32-x64-51_binding.node

3. Run npm install again @ionic/app-scripts@latest--save-dev

OK, success.

3.6.1 If none of the above commands can be executed, you may need to download the update node. js

Official website Download: nodejs.org/en/

After the installation is complete, the Windows Start menu will have the node. js command Prompt shortcut.

Click this shortcut to perform the above NPM command in this window

For more tutorials on Visual Studio, you can click on the PHP Chinese web to learn, I hope you like it. The above is the whole content of this article, I hope that everyone's study has helped.

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