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main Command Box

F1 or ctrl+shift+p: Open the Command panel. In the Open input box, you can enter any command, for example: Click Backspace will enter the CTRL+P mode under Ctrl+p input > can enter the ctrl+shift+p mode

Under the Ctrl+p window you can also: directly enter the filename, jump to the file? Lists the currently executable actions! Display errors or warnings, or ctrl+shift+m: jumps to the number of rows, can also ctrl+g directly into the @ Jump to symbol (search variables or functions), or you can ctrl+shift+o directly into @ According to category jump symbol, Find a property or function, or ctrl+shift+o: Enter # to find symbol by name, or to Ctrl+tCommon shortcut keys Editor and Window managementOpen a new window: ctrl+shift+n Close window: ctrl+shift+w Open multiple editors (view multiple files) Create new file Ctrl + N file toggle between Ctrl+tab cut out a new editor (up to 3) ctrl+\, or hold down CTRL Mouse click on the file name in the Explorer left Middle right 3 editor shortcuts ctrl+1 ctrl+2 ctrl+3 3 editors cycle through CTRL + Editor swap position, Ctrl+k then press leftCode editing Format AdjustmentLine indent ctrl+[, CTRL + CTRL + C, CTRL + V to copy or cut the current line/current selection code formatting: shift+alt+f, or CTRL+SHIFT+P, enter format code to move one line up or down: Alt+up or A Lt+down up one line down: Shift+alt+up or Shift+alt+down inserts a row below the current row Ctrl+enter inserts a row above the current row ctrl+shift+enterCursor RelatedMove to the beginning of a line: Home move to end of a file: Ctrl+end move to the beginning of a file-ctrl+home move to a definition: F12 a thumbnail: Just look at it without jumping past alt+f12 move to the back half bracket: ctrl+shift+] Select Optional from the cursor to the end of the line: Shift+end Select from the beginning to the cursor: shift+home delete all words to the right of the cursor: Ctrl+delete expand/Shrink Selection: Shift+alt+left and Shift+alt+right Multiline edit (column edit) : alt+shift+ The left mouse button, Ctrl+alt+down/up selects all matches simultaneously: Ctrl+shift+l Ctrl+d the next match is also selected (in the sublime is to delete the current row, after the custom fast key, set with the ctrl+shift+ K swaps) Back up the previous cursor operation: Ctrl+uRefactoring CodeFind All references: Shift+f12 simultaneously modifies all matches in this file: Ctrl+f12 rename: For example, to modify a method name, you can select after pressing F2, enter a new name, carriage return, will find all the files have been modified to jump to the next Error or Warning: When there are more than one error, you can press F8 to jump to view diff: In the Explorer Select File Right key Set file to compare, and then need to compare the file on the right button to select compare with File_name_you_choseFind ReplacementFind Ctrl+f Find replace ctrl+h Find in the entire folder Ctrl+shift+fShow RelatedFull screen: F11 Zoomin/zoomout:ctrl/+ side bar/hidden: ctrl+b Display Explorer ctrl+shift+e display search ctrl+shift+f show Git ctrl+shift+g show Debug Ctrl+shif T+d Display Output Ctrl+shift+uotherAuto Save: File-> AutoSave, or ctrl+shift+p, enter autoModify the default shortcut keys

To open the default keyboard shortcut settings:
File-> Preferences-> keyboard shortcuts, or: Alt+f-> p-> k

Modify Keybindings.json:

//Place your key bindings in this file to overwrite the defaults [///Ctrl+space be switched input shortcut keys occupy {"Key" : "Ctrl+alt+space", "command": "Editor.action.triggerSuggest", "when": "Editortextfocus"},//Ctr
    L+d Deletes a row {"Key": "Ctrl+d", "command": "Editor.action.deleteLines", "when": "Editortextfocus" {"Key": "Ctrl+shift+k", "command", and "Editor.action.addSelectionToNextFindMat" for removing a row of shortcut key swaps Ch "," when ":" Editorfocus "},///ctrl+shift+/multiline Comment {" key ":" ctrl+shift+/"," command ":"
    Editor.action.blockComment "," when ":" Editortextfocus "},//Customizing the same capitalization conversion shortcuts as sublime, install Texttransform plugin
        {"Key": "Ctrl+k ctrl+u", "command": "Uppercase", "when": "Editortextfocus"}, { "Key": "Ctrl+k ctrl+l", "command": "lowercase", "when": "Editortextfocus"}] 
Front-End development Prerequisite Plug-insPostcss sorting Stylelint stylefmt eslint javascript standard format beautify Babel es6/es7 Debugger for Chrome Add JSDoc Comments JavaScript (ES6) code Snippets Vue Weex Reactjs Code Snippets react Native Tools Npm Intellisense Instant markdown Markdown Shortcuts Texttransform Custom Settings Reference

Vscode Custom Configuration reference:

    "editor.fontsize": "
    files.associations": {
        "*.es": "JavaScript",
        "*.es6": "JavaScript"
    } ,/The
    control editor should render the white space character
    "Editor.renderwhitespace": true,
    after//enabled, the trailing spaces will be trimmed when the file is saved.
    ' Files.trimtrailingwhitespace ': true,
    //File extensions that can is beautified as JavaScript or JSON.
    Beautify. Jsfiles ": ["
        " es ",
        " Es6 ",
        " JS ",
        " JSON ",
        " JSBEAUTIFYRC ",
        " JSHINTRC "
Related Reference

Official shortcut key encyclopedia: https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/customization/keybindings

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