VSFTPD File Transfer Server build method

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1. Install VSFTPD Service and DB


<!--[if!supportlists]-->2, <!--[endif]--> Add three virtual users devadmin sales Saleadm

3, using the Db_load tool to convert list files to DB database files

<!--[if!supportlists]-->4, <!--[endif]--> set up FTP access directory and virtual user corresponding system user

5, establish the root directory, any user can access, and can download/var/ftp/soft

Set up directories and files for user sales and Saleadm access

<!--[if!supportlists]-->6, <!--[endif]--> set Pam files for virtual users

7, modify vsftpd.conf main configuration file, enable virtual user support

<!--[if!supportlists]-->8, <!--[endif]--> Create separate profiles for different users


Anonymous user


Devadmin Configuration

Configure a separate profile for user sales


Configuring a separate profile for user Saleadm


<!--[if!supportlists]-->9, <!--[endif]--> restart VFSTPD Service


<!--[if!supportlists]-->10, <!--[endif]--> validation Results

Anonymous user logon

Sales login, can only download/copy can not do other operations

Saleadm landing Right, Var/market have administrative authority



Devadm Landing Management/var/ftp/soft


Successful Test!!!!!!!!!!


1, off the firewall

2, open and close Sclinux setenforce 0 or add firewall rules

3, there will be file permissions issues and even file permissions

4, appears: Does not allow a user to use more than one user name and server or shared resources of multiple connections

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