Vs.net IDE (Integrated development Environment) Development Environment Interface Introduction

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Vs.net IDE (Integrated development Environment) Development Environment Interface Introduction

This article is based on the Vs.net BETA2 version, and the distribution may differ from what is described in this article

Author: Shiyang Http://www.vchelp.net


Main interface
Menu and Tool bar
Properties window
Help Features
dialog box Resource editing
menu, tool bar Resource editing
Pictures, icon editing
Code editing

Vs. NET's IDE environment is more powerful than before, and the VC,VC#,VB development interface is all together to build a code project organization based on the solution. But the new IDE has a very high resource requirement, and the current stability is not very good. But we can believe that the official version is worthy of our expectation.

Digression: See the new vs.net development environment, I feel VC in which the weight of the lighter, now the development environment is more oriented to VB and vc# two RAD (Rapid application development) tools, so their hearts inevitably some lost feeling.

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