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For general users like the old one, you can choose to install a website in the Web environment or use it to accelerate Internet access when you purchase a Linux VPS host. However, for more users of real projects, there are many uses available, such as hanging up, hanging up software, installing Windows, or simulating project operations in the remote desktop environment. I have always been skeptical about the release of so many VPS host providers and so many promotional activities. How can there be so many users to purchase the product? Generally, the self-use site building is enough. The original VPS can also be used for various purposes.
In the old Left blog, I also shared many articles about Vultr VPS deploying Windows systems. In fact, most of them are similar, but we only need an ISO integrated system. The installation process is similar. Today, some netizens found the old left and hoped to help him install the Windows 7 system on the Vultr VPS host. Here they helped install the system and recorded all the detailed procedures, in this way, if you have other friends who need it, you can refer to it. In fact, it is not difficult, but it only takes some time.
I have shared several articles about installing Windows using Vultr before:

In this article, the Chinese version of Windows 7 will be installed on the left. The ISO system sources used here are all from the internet. If we often need to use them, we recommend that you make or download the ISO source to your own server, this ensures the speed and eliminates the need to worry about the loss of online resources (in case the website is closed ).

First. Upload Vultr to the ISO custom system

If you do not have a Vultr account, you must first register one (new account). Before deploying and installing the system, you must prepare the Windows 7 system ISO file in advance, in this way, you can deploy the service when you activate VPS. As shown in the figure above, click ISO to prepare for mounting the system.

Click Add ISO to upload the WIN7 system path package.

The code is as follows:

System Path: OS /cn_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_vl_build_x86_dvd_u_incl_virtio-140506-homemade-by-Jetso.iso

Drop the above ISO address to the upload ISO from remote machine shown in the figure above, and click Upload, so that all the servers can be mounted here. The ISO file cannot exceed 5192 MB, the above WIN7 only MB is a little slower.

Here we can see that the Available status indicates that everything is OK, and our preparation is complete.

Second. Open Vultr VPS custom Windows 7

After preparing the ISO file required in step 1, open the machine. Click servers in the menu on the left, and the blue circle + symbol and deploy new server are displayed on the right.

If you select the IDC and memory configurations, the old left won't take screenshots. We like to choose what to choose, mainly in Server Type. We need to see that in the figure above, Custom ISO selects the WIN7 system we uploaded, then open the machine normally.

After VPS is activated, we can click to install the system only after we see the normal operation in the figure above. Sometimes, when the machine is activated, it is displayed as "STOP shutdown". We need to restart it before proceeding. In short, it must be in the Running status.

Third, the process and settings of deploying Windows 7 using Vultr

1. Remotely log on to VNC

Click to go to the currently activated VPS host details page, as shown in the figure above in the upper right corner, click the arrow VNC logon.

It takes some time to mount the system. It is estimated that the system has not been loaded before we start.

2. Install Windows 7

After loading, you can see the figure shown in the figure above. It feels a lot more friendly. The visual interface is displayed. Just move the mouse and execute the next step. Click install.

Wait for start to enter the next interface.

In the installation type, select custom installation as shown in the preceding figure.

Here, we select the 768MB solution on the left, which is a 15 gb ssd hard drive. Install it directly. By default, click next. If we need to partition, we will partition it ourselves. Then, the normal system automatically installs and copies the file. In the middle, it needs to be automatically started once, and we will wait.

After the automatic restart, we can see the familiar boot screen. It seems that it will be ready soon.

Set the WIN7 user name. Here we enter one.

You can set a password or do not set the next step.

Fourth. Windows 7 is successfully installed and used by Vultr.

After deploying WIN7 in the previous step, you can directly access the WIN7 desktop.

It is easy to see this interface, because the system is integrated with the NIC driver, we can directly access the Internet, open the browser to access the Internet.

Open another website and check whether the speed is OK.

The default IE looks awkward, if we need other browsers to download and install it. This is simple and difficult, but it only takes some time to install it. However, compared with other VPS, Vultr is easier to install Windows systems. Because it is an SSD, it is faster than a common hard disk.

Finally, attach the currently available Windows system ISO resources (from the network)


The code is as follows:

Http:// OS /cn_win_srv_2003_r2_enterprise_x64_with_sp2_vl_cd_merger_incl_virtio_X13-140502-homemade-by-Jetso.iso

Windows XP:

The code is as follows:

Http:// OS /en_win_xp_pro_x64_with_sp2_vl_incl_virtio_X13-140502-homemade-by-Jetso.iso


The code is as follows:

Http:// OS /cn_windows_server_2008_r2_standard_enterprise_datacenter_and_web_with_sp1_x64_dvd_incl_virtio-140506-homemade-by-Jetso.iso

Windows 7:

The code is as follows:

Https:// OS /cn_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_vl_build_x86_dvd_u_incl_virtio-140506-homemade-by-Jetso.iso


The code is as follows:

Http:// OS /cn_windows_8_1_pro_vl_x86_dvd_incl_virtio-140506-homemade-by-Jetso.iso

All the above ISO resources are provided by online users. In view of the copyright of WIN system, we recommend that you only study and use them for commercial purposes.

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