VULTR VPS Website Revision free Registration tutorial (latest promo code)

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This site highly recommended, foreign ultra-high cost-effective VPS Server Vultr official website recently updated, resulting in some friends heart is dazed, today write a simple tutorial for everyone.

First of all, open the VULTR website and Register a vultr account for free . Fill in the email address, password, very simple. If you're safe, you can also turn on the two-step verification feature, which requires Google authenticator verification code to be enabled each time you sign in.

Register login background, you can see the left panel has a column of function bar, from top to bottom order is servers server list, billing financial center, Support Customer Service Center, affiliate promotion, account Accounts Center.

The most commonly used is billing, you have to recharge first, the recommended use of credit card recharge, no credit card users use PayPal recharge, can choose to recharge the amount.

With the money, we can buy overseas servers, click Servers inside the "+" number, enter the purchase server interface.

As can be seen, vultr currently provides room location: Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Japan, Tokyo engine room.

LOS Angeles is a good choice if your main customer is overseas and recommends a US room.

Next is the server software parameters, 1G or more memory recommended to install 64-bit systems to maximize server performance. Mainstream Linux system recommended Ubuntu, many community tutorials, problems can be solved by Google itself. Centos\debian is also loved by the technology party. If you are a Windows fan, vultr Of course also provides Windows Server version R2, the price slightly higher, the business system!

For individual users, the $5 monthly package includes 15GB SSD hard drive capacity, 1 CPU, 768MB RAM, 1000GB monthly traffic, enough for you to play.

Then is the additional parameter configuration which makes the new user headache, in fact you do not need Oh! But I will introduce you separately!

Enable IPV6: Enabling server IPV6 support;

Enable private Network: For large-scale enterprise deployment of internal server-owned resources;

Enable Auto Backups: Enables automatic server backup, no need for individual users, an additional charge of $1 per month;

Enable DDoS Protection: Enables DDoS protection, which is not required by individual users;

Startup script: Automatic scripting for large-scale deployment of the server, using the same installation script, the individual users do not need.

SSH keys: Use ssh keys to login to the Management Server, replace the traditional root password convenient, the server is more secure, if you pay great attention to server security, recommended to open, need a certain technical foundation.

Server Label: Give your Server a name, whatever it is, it doesn't matter what you look for.

Click Deploy at the bottom and the server will be installed automatically! Generally five minutes later, your mailbox will receive vultr open mail to remind you that the server installation is complete.

Click on the background of the server you are building, the control panel of the VPS appears:

Click on the password right eye icon and the server root password will show to you! Use the Putty tool to log in to your VPS management! If you forget the root password, or if the root password fails for any reason, you can reset the root password using the VULTR console Panel feature.

Please leave me a message if you have a question to use.

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VULTR VPS Website Revision free Registration tutorial (latest promo code)

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