Wafer Secretary, caring assistant

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        The first thing to note is that the "Wafer Secretary" ( Silli Con secretary) Span style= "font-family: Wenquanyi Zen Hei equal width positive black" > cortana

The Microsoft Cortana development team plugged a "Silicon secretary" into a computer operating system, making Win Ten added "Sticky", just like XP The same. What do you mean "sticky"? "Sticky" is like a child stretched out their hands to ask their mother to hug, is very entangled.

Now, the general people have a problem like to search the internet to solve problems, such as the day's weather forecast. It's an old tradition. In the future, we must change this habit, the problem is to find "Silicon Secretary", the search embedded in the operating system, the expansion of the operating system functions. This is the way Microsoft is going to transform.

15 years ago, XP propaganda is the system of "good"; 15 years later, Win Ten The propaganda is "intelligence". In other words,Win is an intelligent operating system, embedded in the "Silicon secretary."

Recently, it has been said that "wafer secretary" can be transplanted to the Android phone. As a result, people can experience the "Silicon Secretary" of the "sticky". Once stuck will not move, but the taste is very comfortable.

as you know, Apple's Siri with Google's Now , is a "wafer secretary." Today, Microsoft releases the "Silicon Secretary" twin sisters and Apple, Google Storey, which must have "confidence" place. What is Microsoft "confident"? "Silicon secretary" of the "sticky" also! Which silicon secretary has a sticky mass? Let's wait and see!

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Wafer Secretary, caring assistant

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