Want to test CPA, but do not know the CPA training which professional

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Talking about accounting, everyone will think of CPA, as China's Gold certificate, CPA has become more and more candidates choice. Want to test CPA, but do not know the note will be training which major? Then why is CPA so heated? And why can CPA holders be thrown into the olive branch by many companies?

CPA (Certified public Accountant) Certified Public Accountant National Uniform Examination is the People's Republic of China National Practice Qualification Examination. After passing the examination, the issue of "Certified Public Accountant Certificate" can be engaged in auditing, statistics, economic and other professional work. Examination qualifications: With higher degree or above, or with accounting or related professional intermediate or above technical titles, can participate in CPA National Unified Examination.

Why Test CPA

First, the note will be the best proof of individual competency. People who pass the exam often understand, learn, and solve problems better, and work more successfully. This also shows that the accounting is the most powerful job seekers when the stepping stone.

Second, the note will be able to make themselves more confident, not afraid of unemployment. The market has a high degree of recognition for the note-meeting and is highly competitive in the financial field.

Thirdly, the employment side of the note will be wider. To the major recruitment site to see that the financial industry, such as securities, funds, private equity, venture capital, banks, enterprises in internal audit, internal control, finance and many other positions are labeled "CPA Priority", the basic is not too limited by the industry.

IV, the note will be able to find a suitable for their own learning methods, to conquer other international examinations are not laborious.

The professional development of CPA in enterprise

(1) in the enterprise finance generally will have accounts processing, financial analysis, management accounting, reporting accounting, tax accounting, capital management, etc., mainly used to CPA accounting, financial control, tax knowledge, some companies also need to be in accordance with different accounting standards for many sets of accounts, so will also use international accounting standards or U.S. accounting standards, Therefore, CPA can try to study tax, ACCA or AICPA.

(2) Most of the company's internal control, internal audit is based on process design, testing, especially after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act promulgated, the United States listed companies have their own internal audit department to do internal Control (SOX), in recent years domestic listed companies also began to do their own internal control (C-sox), good internal audit personnel need to have a wide range of knowledge Audit, tax, legal, business, management, IT systems and so on, so the internal auditor in addition to the CPA can also learn the international internal auditor CIA, international information System Auditor CISA, tax, justice and so on.

(3) In recent years, banks, financial leasing companies, automobile finance companies and so more attention to risk management, gradually set up a wind control center, there is willing to develop in this area can also learn financial risk management frm.

When the accountant in the workplace lost direction, you can in a variety of various examinations to find a suitable course, listening to study preparation, so that your heart down, but also for their future career development to accumulate capital. I believe you know, note will this card is not so good to take, an exam every year, a total of 6 examinations, each of the annual pass rate of about 10%, 3 years to win the people have been very bull, the overwhelming majority of people are not going to go on. This road is destined to be more than others to pay a few times more effort and determination. So be careful to choose. But enrolled in Corton's CPA training, one-time through the 6 door is also a few.

Finally, I believe that the 2016 CPA exam journey is destined to be able to bloom a different color, a day of perseverance, never give up the dedication, success, is bound to follow.

Want to test CPA, but do not know the CPA training which professional

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