"Wanted order": a strange life leads to a strange fate

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The four words "destiny gets people" appear to be an eye-catching figure on the 25-Year-Old wysley Gibson (James mcwavey ". A demanding boss, a girlfriend with different opinions, is always stimulating and testing his nerves and endurance. Just as he is immersed in great helplessness and pain, his father's unexpected death once again turned his unfortunate fate out of a mysterious girl named "Fox" (played by Angela Julie) I learned that my father was the number one killer of a killer group. The victims were the opposite of their organization. Waysley inherited the father's excellent killer gene, but it was yet to be improved by advanced development. In order to change the embarrassing life status, to avenge his father, waysley resolutely set foot on the path of his predecessors. Under the careful cultivation of "Fox" and the killer group boss Sloane (Morgan Freeman), he quickly became a well-trained killer. But the next thing seems to be completely beyond his original imagination, and everything has become more strange ......
About directors
Born in the former Soviet Union of Kazakhstan, tymorl Beckman battov, has long provoked a new Russian commercial film flag by the "Japanese" and "Night Watch. As the most famous Eastern European Director in Russia and even the world since the new century, his popularity in Hollywood has also increased. The global company, which has been suffering from the search for a new book "The wanted order" operator, is turning its sights overseas under the pressure of Mark Miller, one of the producers, Aïn Smith, also got the information about Moore Beckman benov. In this way, the Russians "got" The wanted order. However, this foreigner, who was initially involved in Hollywood's "dirty pool", has also received the same "hospitality" as many foreign predecessors ". "Policy easing and banking tightening ." It is said that according to the score of the man on the day whose box office return rate was close to, the Japanese company prepared a budget of $68 million for the cast, let the Russians figure out the effect of spider III. It's pretty cool to Chengdu. However, like many of its predecessors, such as Wu Yusen, a Chinese fellow, and amaran, an Indian, Beckman bebatov is willing to give up on any harsh martyrdom. He also knows how to save costs and expenses. First, he controls the shooting location of the film in the United States and the Czech Republic, which is cheaper. Even if shooting in the U.S., try to rent the cheapest shooting venue. In terms of details, Russians with hard-working experience are taking the lead, saving money from transportation and other aspects. However, his personal work money from the contract is also said to be poor. Obviously, the first migrant work experience is a test for everyone.
about starring
seven years later, Angela Julie once again returned to the embrace of "Laura" When love and family flourish. Presented as a sexiest action girl. Obviously, the busy public welfare undertakings, frequent "child-building sports" and the sweet love life in recent years cannot delay their pace in performing arts. Julie continues to enjoy the sense of accomplishment and pleasure that movie brings to herself from various perspectives, such as beowu, Jian Qiang, kung fu, and baby bag. Although she knew she was no longer an old hot iron girl, Julie was still very hot and skillful as a mother of four children (a pair of twins waiting for production. This is an outstanding example for the new generation of little girls. The strong support of husband Peter behind him is obviously one of the important conditions. In order to be able to pull the title of "Laura", the publisher also made a special attempt to change the title of the "Fox", which originally had a limited number of scenes, from an obscure secondary role to a brilliant one. In the film, Julie really snatched a lot of the limelight from the old movie Emperor Morgan freann. However, this free and easy big sister has a lot of on-demand videos for James mcwaui, a handsome boy in Scotland.
in fact, one of the important reasons Julie hasn't signed a contract with this film at first is that the primary candidate's actors are totally different from Julie's appetite. The wife of Peter immediately showed great interest when global company revealed the name of James, who had tried the mirror and was eliminated to Julie. The not tall and not sexy Scottish guy used to play half a goat in the children's puzzle film and the legend of Nagano. Just a year later, it became the most dazzling male in England by virtue of a literary masterpiece "salvation" and "Becoming Jane Austin. In this thrilling film, James learned a lot from laruence. Moreover, it is said that they have also experienced a two-minute and multiple-plus kiss scenes. It seems that Julie's affection for handsome guy is not cover.
Morgan Freeman, The most experienced in the film, once again shows a masterly demeanor. He has made many wonderful appearances as "God", "boss", "mentor", and "predecessors". Obviously, he is not familiar with such roles. In addition, many Hollywood stars, including Julie's current husband, were "infected" by the old movie emperor and praised for their profound performance skills, this time, we were able to provide leadership and behind-the-scenes instructions for a "female killer.

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