Warm Christmas Tour Browser family change new clothes

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Warmth, joy is the theme of Christmas, another year Christmas comes, proud of the browser family to provide users with a set of warm Christmas theme, desktop, mobile browser Qi-qi dress up, a celebration of a good Christmas happy time.

"Figure I"

PC version of the proud browser 3 Christmas skin based on modern browser style production, the tab bar at the top of the window, can provide users with more browsing area. Proud Tour 3 Christmas skin to the main color of Christmas red, and with "Snow top" and "scarf" elements, in the warm tone of the added smart fashion style.

"Figure II"

Proud tour mobile phone browser Christmas skin in the continuation of the 3 Christmas skin style based on the addition of green and snow elements, so that the overall style more fresh and lively.

Near the end of the year, proud of the browser every update to bring us more new surprises. Start-up speed of a large increase, the continuous improvement of HTML5 support, plug-in platform test run and so on ... More like a year-end answer, but also show the continuous improvement of products, proud tour in the 2012 explosion-type development base under a solid foundation.

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