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Once the cows eat grass, extrusion is melamine, and we eat gutter oil, can also row out?10Is the time of year too long for us? We can not go to a restaurant to eat, and can not do every day to bring rice to work. There are a lot of it can not lead to the human body of the gutter oil "reserves" more and more, toxins are more and more big, how to control our management, but how to reduce the toxins in our bodies, is our crucial research problem.

       gutter oil (gan foot oil) The oil that is extracted from leftover food. According to the relevant departments to calculate, a city of various types of hotels produced every month of gutter oil 3000 ton. The waste oil is very harmful, according to scientific Test, the spoilage of gutter oil, carbonyl price far exceed the state regulation of edible oil health indicators. Rancid oil on the body's cytochrome enzymes and other enzymes, such as the damage to the enzyme system, the high oxidation of oil to produce aflatoxin, can cause a variety of cancers, the animal long-term intake of rancid fat, will appear weight loss and developmental disorders. the poisonous aflatoxin in gutter oil, the toxicity is arsenic 100 The experiment shows that the long-term low doses of aflatoxin can make animals 100% develop liver cancer, and cancers can occur in other locations, such as gastric adenocarcinoma, kidney cancer, rectal cancer, breast, ovary , small intestine and other parts of cancer.

in fact, the human body after eating into the gutter oil, intake of a large number of aflatoxin and other harmful substances, increased the burden of detoxification of the liver and kidney, the whole body's absorption and immune system has brought great negative effects. Then we need to use food conditioning to reduce the damage caused by toxic substances to the organs.

It is recommended that you eat more of the following foods:

  fungus because of the growth in the shady moist environment, Chinese Medicine believes that there is invigorating qi to promote blood circulation, cool blood moisturizing effect, can clear the blood of the heat of poison.

  Mung bean taste gan Cold, there is heat and detoxification, diuretic and the role of quench thirst.

 Honey raw food cool can heat, deli sex temperature can fill the gas, sweet and soft taste and with the intestines, detoxification, pain and other functions. The Indian folk regards honey as "the good medicine that makes the person happy to keep the youth".

 Bitter Gourd Tea Generally speaking, bitter food has detoxification function. Taste slightly bitter, sweet aftertaste, balsam pear in recent years swept the table has fully explained this point. Balsam Pear has the heat of summer, the efficacy of eyesight detoxification. The scientists analyzed the ingredients of balsam pear and found that there is a kind of protein with obvious anticancer activity in balsam pear, which can stimulate the defense function of the immune system, increase the activity of immune cells, and eliminate the harmful substances in the body.

  seaweed, sea mustard Kelp contains a substance called sulfated polysaccharide, which absorbs cholesterol in the blood vessels and expels it out of the body, keeping the blood cholesterol in its normal content. In addition, kelp surface has a slightly sweet white powder, is very medical value of mannitol, it has a good diuretic effect, can treat renal failure, drug poisoning, edema and so on.

  Vegetables detoxification in the vegetables we often eat, there are no lack of detoxification, such as tomatoes contained in the tomato element gan acid slightly cold, its heat and detoxification, diuretic, swelling, phlegm to quench the role of thirst is very obvious; Loofah Gamping cold, there is heat and cold blood, detoxification and blood circulation; cucumber, bamboo shoots Can heat the diuretic, celery can heat the water, cool the serum liver heat and have the effect of lowering blood pressure.

  In addition, carrots can be combined with heavy metal mercury to expel the body, garlic can lead to the concentration drop, mushroom can clean the blood, sweet potatoes, taro, potatoes , etc. also have the role of clean intestines.

Author: Dong Xiaobo, chief health master, mainly study pathological prediction and food conditioning, lean body direction

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