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The development of WLAN is now very perfect, and the speed is also getting faster. The current mainstream products can not only achieve the speed of ordinary wired Ethernet, but also security has been basic protection. More importantly, wireless networks do not have wiring, so for consumer-type home users, is the best choice for networking programs. Coupled with the popularity of Centrino laptops, for most users, the purchase of wireless routers is also a matter of sooner or later.

However, with the popularity of wireless routers, the corresponding problems are more and more. One of the most concerned problems is how to configure the wireless router after it is bought back. In fact, configuring a wireless network is not complicated, configure the wireless router and configure the cable router is similar to the steps, but individual places need to pay attention to a few minutes can be easily handled.

First, placed to be in place

After you get the wireless router, the first thing to do is put the problem. The role of the wireless router is to transform the signal of the wired network into a wireless signal, which is the core of the whole wireless network, so its position determines the signal strength and transmission rate of the whole wireless network. So it is recommended that you choose a position that is not easily blocked and that the signal can cover all corners of the house.

The location of the wireless router should be relatively high. Wireless signals are transmitted in a straight line, each encountered an obstacle, the wireless signal will be weakened, especially metal objects, but also the killer wireless signal.

Wireless routers should reside in the center of the room as much as possible. Because the wireless AP coverage is a circular area, only the wireless AP is placed in the center of the room in order to ensure that each location in the room can receive wireless signals, thereby effectively access to the wireless network. The wireless network can adjust the transmission rate automatically to adapt to the complex network environment. The closer the wireless AP, the stronger the wireless signal, the smaller the interference, the higher the rate of data transfer.

Do not pass through too many walls, especially the pouring of reinforced concrete walls. Experiments show that at a distance of 10 meters, the wireless signal can still reach the nominal maximum transmission rate after crossing 2 brick walls, but the transmission rate will be only half of the nominal rate after passing through the floor slab. Visible, the reinforced concrete wall has the serious influence to the wireless signal.

Second, the configuration should be careful

After finding the right place to put it, the next step is to configure the problem. Each network device that complies with the TCP/IP protocol has its own IP address, and the wireless router is no exception. The general wireless router will have its own fixed LAN IP address, this design is also convenient for us to access this IP address to configure and carry out the testing of wireless routers. Of course, the different brand model of the wireless router IP address is not the same, you can refer to its relevant instructions. Also note that the wireless network card must be in the same IP network segment as the wireless router.

Next, open the browser, in the Address bar to enter the address of the wireless network node, such as, read the instructions after the Wireless network node management password, the correct input can enter the wireless network node management interface. For a new router that is not set up, some also appear with the Setup Wizard (Setup Wizard). In a page called connection configuration, we can select the type of broadband network, the general ADSL option via PPP over Ethernet, and cable or FTTB select via DHCP. If the ISP needs to enter a username and password, we can enter it at the appropriate location below and set the timeout to around 120s. We can then set the wireless router's Essid defaults to WLAN, and do not forget to click the Save button when the settings are complete.

If the wireless router also needs to connect the 100/10m wired network for use as a wired router, then we need to further setup. The System IP Configuration Configuration Interface, under options such as IP/DHCP, will be set to enable when DHCP is configured so that once the TCP/IP properties of the user's wired network card and the wireless network card are set to automatically obtain an IP address, the wireless router can get a IP address. As for the DNS IP address, you can query the local ISP, generally do not set also can.

Third, adjust the client

The most important part of the client's configuration is the Essid identity, which must be guaranteed to be exactly the same as the Essid value of the wireless router (including letter case). Essid identity is like a wireless client and wireless router between a password, only in the same premise to allow wireless network card access to the wireless router, which is also to ensure the safety of wireless networks one of the important measures. Different wireless card settings Essid identity is not the same place, some in the control Panel, some through the network card-specific applications, can refer to the manual. Generally the same brand of wireless router and wireless network card with the same Essid identity default value, no need to set up to use, but for business users, this will bring some security risks, the proposed replacement Essid logo.

The other configuration of the wireless client is very simple, and the past annoying network settings can all be thrown away. In the network properties of the Control Panel, turn on the TCP/IP properties of the wireless network adapter, set the IP address of the wireless connection to automatic acquisition, or keep the wireless network node in the same network segment. Now, if the wireless network adapter can connect to the wireless network node properly, the laptop will be able to go online. If you can't connect properly, you need to check your network settings or adjust the location of your wireless network nodes.

To this end, the installation process is not finished. While the broadband sharing function is implemented, it is very insecure. If your neighbor also installed a wireless network card, he can be unaware of the intrusion of your wireless LAN, and even use your broadband to download BT. So, I also want to encrypt the network.

Four, put a good safety clearance

WEP encryption is the most commonly used encryption method for the 802.11 series wireless networks. The author through IE browser again login wireless network node management interface, find the security options, choose to turn on WEP encryption (usually the wireless network node's factory settings have turned off this feature), and then enter a 16 character (character must be 0~9 or a~f) as an encrypted string ( The encrypted string must be kept in the sense that there is no way to connect to the wireless network node after you save the settings and restart the Wireless network node (depending on the type of WEP, the number of digits of the encrypted string is also different.) Usually 64-bit encryption requires the input of a 10-digit string, while 128-bit encryption requires a 26-digit number of strings.

After restarting, the wireless network adapter will not be able to connect to the wireless network node properly. Now you need to modify the wireless network connection properties. Select Network Places, properties, wireless network connection properties, and then select Wireless Networking configuration. Find your own wireless network node in the available network, and if there are no other wireless network nodes nearby, you should list only one network, or else you will be able to include other nearby wireless networks.

Next, click on "Properties" to activate the "Data encryption (WEP enabled)" Item, then, in the following "network key" and "Confirm network key" two columns to fill in the encryption string just set, and then click "OK", the wireless network adapter can be connected to the wireless network node correctly.

V. Experience-sharing

Typically, the 802.11 series of wireless network products have good compatibility, most wireless cards and wireless routers do not have compatibility issues. However, for the sake of stability, the author recommends the use of the same brand of wireless router and wireless network card for the high demand situation.

The load-bearing wall of reinforced concrete structure has a strong obstruction to the wireless signal. Therefore, the "duplex" structure of residential and villas home environment, the best signal coverage effect of the solution is to configure the wireless router for each layer. In practical applications, the coverage of indoor AP can only be up to 30 meters.

802.11b actual use rate is only about 40% of the nominal value, the conversion rate of data transfer is about 600KB/S, if set to 64/128-bit WEP encryption, transmission rate will be further reduced, so use more attention to interference problems, as far as possible away from the microwave, cordless phones and Bluetooth equipment.

If you suddenly find that the wireless signal is faint, without making any physical changes. You can try to change the wireless channel or add an external antenna method to resolve it.

Windows XP has built-in support for WLANs, which are convenient for Plug and play, use, and setup. Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000 have less stability and ease of use for wireless networks than Windows XP, and occasionally conflict occurs. So, if the hardware configuration is high enough, use the Windows XP system as much as possible. It is also necessary to note that Wi-Fi is not supported by Windows 95 (including Windows 95) before the operating system.

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