Ways to connect to SQL Server 2008 using a custom port

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Most people who have used SQL Server know that the port number that the SQL Server server listens on by default is 1433, but the problem I have today is that there are three DB instances on my machine, which creates a problem when using TCP/IP remote connection. How do I add a port number connection in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio? If you're familiar with the SQL Server connection string notation, you'll probably know the answer, hehe, but I don't know, so record the process.

I found the answer from the Connectionstrings.com website, and here is the connection string with the port number:

Thus, the port number uses a comma (,) instead of a colon (:). Look at the connection. is the IP address of my virtual network card, the comma after 1500 is my host on the SQLExpress instance of SQL Server listening port number, other estimates everyone should know; To this client's work is done, let's look at the server-side settings.

Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager program, as shown in, select the SQL Server Network Configuration node, click the protocol for the DB instance you want to connect to, here I am connecting to the SQLEXPRESS instance, so I chose "protocols for SQLEXPRESS". On the right side you can see the enabled state of several protocols, because it is a remote connection to the database, enable the TCP/IP protocol first by right-clicking the TCP/IP entry and selecting "Enable". Then right-click it again to select "Properties", in the "TCP/IP Properties" window that pops up the "IP Addresses" (IP address) selection card, such as:

In the "TCP Port" (TCP ports) you want to listen to the port number, it is important to note that you entered the port number is not used by other programs, otherwise there will be conflicting, click on the "OK" button, restart the DB instance, I enter the "TCP port" is 1500, Restart the SQLExpress instance after saving. If all goes well, I think you should be able to get a DB instance in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Rilian, huh.

Source: http://blog.csdn.net/neils03/article/details/7186821

Ways to connect to SQL Server 2008 using a custom port

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