Ways to cut hard disk partitions

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It seems that a lot of people are buying computers when there is only a C disk, one disk is hundreds of G, the disk Manager with the system can not achieve the desired effect; The software typically compresses the unallocated space before creating a new partition on the basis of unallocated space. and cut the partition function saves you to repeat to do above the trouble, simple and quick, for the general user, do not need too many understanding can realize you want to achieve the goal why not! (another: How to merge Partitions)

Cutting partition operation steps

1, download the free section Assistant, install and run. As shown in Figure 1, you can see from the diagram that there is only one partition C on disk 1, about 80GB, and no more partitions. The following is a quick example of creating three new partitions based on the C disk:

Figure 1

2, select the C disk, click the right mouse button, select "Cut Partition", as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

3, as Figure 3, in the cutting process you can adjust the size of the cutting section, until you are satisfied, if not adjusted, the default is to partition the unused space for cutting.

Figure 3

4, such as Figure 4 red box, three consecutive cut after the disk 1 has been established E, F, h three new partitions:

Figure 4

5, submit the above operation, click the "Submit" button in the toolbar, click "Execute" in the pop-up window, the operation may have to restart the computer, click "Yes" so that the program in the restart mode to complete these wait for the operation, as shown in Figure 5:

Figure 5

6. When splitting a non-system partition, it is not necessary to reboot, however, the currently split partition has a program running, click "Execute" will pop up, as shown in Figure 6 of the prompt dialog box, prompted to close the program running on this section, click "Retry", you can close the currently running program, to avoid restarting:

Figure 6

The Section Assistant provides the humanized operation function, does not need you to have the very deep software knowledge to be able to realize the complex operation, lets the partition operation be simpler.

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