Ways to eliminate host fan noise

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First, eliminate the power supply fan noise

The power supply fan noise is usually divided into rotating noise and vibration noise. The rotational noise is generally caused by the lack of lubrication of the fan bearings. The solution is to drop a few drops of the sewing machine oil on the fan bearing. The vibration noise is generally caused by uneven fan blades, loose blades on the shaft, and excessive gap between the bearings. If the individual leaves accumulate dirt, timely clearance can be, if the fan blade defect, asymmetry, or bearing clearance is too large, it is best to replace a new power supply fan.

Second, eliminate the CPU fan noise

CPU fan bearings and blades are the most likely to cause noise, long after the use of the fan bearings may be due to the lack of oil and friction too much, resulting in a larger noise, the fan shaft can add a bit of sewing oil. The specific operation is the fan shaft on the label carefully uncovered, add oil and then cover. If the fan blade quality is not very good, after a period of rotation, the fan blades may be due to heat and deformation, touch the inner wall, emitting noise. The solution is to take a blade in the scratch place gently scraping a few, increase the distance between the fan and the wall, to avoid both friction.

Third, eliminates the hard disk noise

The noise from the hard drive may come from its own vibrations, and this is not just about making annoying noises, but about the security of the hard drive. Because the vibration caused by improper installation is likely to damage the hard drive, so the horizontal installation of the hard disk must be parallel to the chassis, the vertical installation of the hard disk must be perpendicular to the bottom of the machine, can not be skewed. The most important thing is that the hard drive must be in a solid state (it is recommended to use more than three screws when fixing the hard drive), but keep in mind that the fixed screws on the hard drive should not be too long or too tight to prevent damage to the circuit boards and discs.

Iv. elimination of chassis vibration noise

For the removal of chassis vibration noise, we can buy a computer, pay attention to the hardness of the chassis and the chassis and box connection mode. Materials too thin and the material is too "frugal" chassis is not strong. By hand gently squeeze or twist the box can check its hardness is qualified. Box cover and box with a screw fixed chassis more stable, and the type of screw-free chassis is prone to vibration, it is best to consider when buying. In addition, in the installation and use of the process to take some appropriate damping measures, such as in the lid and the box in direct contact with the body of the 3~4 mm thick plastic foam, and then tighten the lid of the box.

You can use Master LU to monitor your computer's CPU fan. In addition, most of the notebook in the market now has no CPU fan, so some notebook is unable to detect the CPU fan

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