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In Excel, you will often find that you cannot enter a single 0 value, but it is hidden, except for 0 that we can hide the various characters.

0 value hidden know it, in the "tool" "Options" "View" "0 value", the previous check can be canceled. But what if the hidden value is specified? for example, greater than 15, or less than 100, or text this with the IF function of course can be solved, there are some other functions can be done, but the operation of pure techniques how to do? Conditional formatting is one way to do this: customize cells.

Operation Steps

1, choose "Cell" "format" "Number" "" Custom "

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Seems to be a bunch of things look dizzy, but as long as clear the law, everything ok~

2, in fact, just three semicolons in the mischief, the cell divided into positive digits; negative digits; 0 bits; text bit:

Of course, these four bits can also be enforced according to our own needs, as shown in the example above.

In addition, the code is the second parameter of the text function.

Can try: =text (A1, "[>100]0;;;")

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