Ways to import data between databases in different character sets

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Example of importing data from a US7ASCII library into a library with a character set of ZHS16GBK:

Suppose the library of Us7ascii is a machine, and the library with the character set ZHS16GBK is B-machine

1. Make sure that the Nls_lang in the. profile file for your Oracle user on machine A is us7ascii, which normally exports all the data.

2. Then upload to B machine, bin mode, and then on the B machine set a good Oracle user settings environment variable Nls_lang=american_america. Us7ascii

Execute update props$ set values$= ' us7ascii ' with sys user

where name= ' Nls_characset ';

3. Normal import data to ZHS16GBK database, restart the database, at this time to view the original imported data should already be in Chinese.

4. Change the environment variable back, Nls_lang=amercian_america. Zhs16gbk

Log the ZHS16GBK database with the SYS user and execute the statement:

Update props$ set values$= ' ZHS16GBK '

where name= ' Nls_characset ';

Restart the database for changes to take effect.

If you do not trust, you can zhs16gbk the current data in the database normal exp out, and then rebuild the library after normal import.

The above process I tested successfully on oracle9.2.0 and 9.0.1,8.1.7.

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