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Correct use of the hard drive is the best way to reduce the hard drive bad track and improve the service life of the hard disk.

1. The hard drive does not suddenly turn off when working

when the hard disk starts to work, is generally in the high-speed rotation, if we suddenly turn off the power, may cause the head and the disc will be hard friction and damage the drive, so to avoid sudden shutdown. When shutting down, be sure to note that the hard drive indicator on the panel is still blinking, and turn off the computer's power switch only after its led stops blinking and the hard drive reads and writes over.

2. Prevent dust from entering the

dust damage to the hard drive is very large, this is because in the dust serious environment, hard disk is easy to attract dust particles in the air, so that its long-term accumulation in the hard drive of the internal circuit components, will affect the thermal distribution of electronic components, so that the temperature of the circuit components rise, resulting in leakage or burned components. In addition, dust may absorb moisture, corrosion of the internal electronic circuit, causing some inexplicable problems, so the dust volume is small, but the damage to the hard disk can not be underestimated. Therefore, environmental hygiene must be maintained to reduce moisture and dust content in the air. Remember: General computer users can not open the hard disk cover, otherwise the dust in the air into the hard drive, in the head of the reading, writing operations, scratch the disc or head.

3. To prevent excessive temperature

temperature also has an effect on the life span of the hard disk. Hard disk work will produce a certain amount of heat, the use of heat dissipation problems. temperature to 20~25℃ is advisable, too high or too low will make the clock frequency of the crystal oscillator change. Temperature will also cause the hard disk circuit components failure, magnetic media will also be caused by the thermal expansion effect of recording errors. Temperature is too low, the moisture in the air will be condensed in the integrated circuit components, resulting in short circuit;

humidity is too high, the surface of electronic components may be adsorbed a layer of water film, oxidation, corrosion of electronic circuits, resulting in poor contact, and even short circuit, magnetic media will change the magnetic force, resulting in data reading and writing errors, humidity is too low, easy to accumulate a large number of machine rotation caused by static charges, thus burning the CMOS circuit, Absorb dust and damage the head, scratch the disk. The humidity in the room is suitable for 45~65%. Attention to keep the air dry or often to the system power, by their own fever will evaporate the steam in the machine. In addition, try not to make hard disk close to strong magnetic field, such as speakers, speakers, motor, radio, mobile phone, etc., so as to avoid the hard disk recorded data due to magnetization and damage.

4. To regularly organize the information on the hard drive

in the hard disk, frequently build, delete files will produce a lot of fragmentation, debris accumulation, in the future when accessing a file, the hard drive may take a long time, not only access efficiency, but also may damage the track. To do this, we should often use Disk Defragmenter in the windows9x system to defragment the hard disk, and it is best to use the HDD repair program to fix the problematic tracks.

5. To be on a regular basis to the hard drive antivirus

is now a growing range of virus attacks, and the hard disk as the computer's information storage base, is usually the preferred target of its attack. Every April 26 every computer users are haunted, the author of several hard drives on the unit was CIH attack. Therefore, in order to ensure the security of the hard disk, we should pay attention to using the latest anti-virus software to kill the virus, but also pay attention to important data protection and regular backup.

6. Be careful when you take your hard drive with your hand

in the day-to-day maintenance of the computer, with the hand to take the hard drive is more frequent things. Perhaps the most common thing is not to arouse our attention. In fact, with the hand to take the hard drive or a learned, a little careless will make the hard disk "scrap", so we use the hard drive must do the following two points:

① should be handled lightly, do not bump or collide with other hard objects;

② cannot touch the circuit board on the back of the hard disk by hand. This is because when the climate is dry, the body usually with static electricity, in this case by hand touch the back of the hard disk circuit board, then the human body static electricity may damage to the hard disk of electronic components, resulting in the hard drive can not operate normally.

Therefore, we should grasp the hard drive on both sides of the disk by hand, and avoid direct contact with the circuit board on the back. Some types of hard drives will be wrapped in the outer layer of protective film, which in addition to the Shockproof function, but also to protect the circuit board, so we can not worry about what static electricity.

7. Try not to use hard disk compression technology

We used to have little hard disk space, always trying to save hard disk space, such as the common measure is through DoubleSpace, drvspace command to compress hard disk space. However, when the compressed volume file is increasing, this method has a very obvious disadvantage, that is the hard disk read and write data greatly slowed down. With the rapid development of hard disk technology, the capacity of the disk is also climbing, the current market of hard disk space in the 20G or so, it is difficult to again the previous kind of hard disk space is not enough, so we also do not need to use hard disk compression technology.

8. Cannot move hard drive at work

hard disk is a high precision device that is only a few microns in height at work when the head is floating on the platter surface. When the hard disk is in read and write state, once a large vibration, it may cause the head and disc impact, resulting in damage. So don't move the computer in motion. In the hard disk installation, demolition process should be more careful, hard disk movement, transport is strictly prohibited bump, preferably with foam or sponge packaging protection, as far as possible to reduce vibration.

9. Use plastic or eraser to eliminate hard drive noise

in the case of a relatively high speed of the hard disk, if the hard disk is fixed in the metal carrier or placed not at that time, once connected to the power, the hard drive may appear relatively strong vibration, a long time, it is possible to damage the hard disk head or scratch the track of the hard disk. To eliminate the noise, we can use a four-corner mounting screw hole on the hard drive, use elastic and texture rubber bands to hang the hard drive in the chassis; if the hard drive is placed horizontally, we can also use the elastic and size appropriate rubber pads or rubber pillars under the hard disk to achieve the purpose of damping. Here to note that we choose the rubber band hanging, we should choose the quality, elastic and silk wrapped in the kind, it is best to choose the use of woven fabric wrapped rubber band, lest the rubber band after the failure of accidents. Tighten the rubber bands moderately, and be careful not to hurt the rubber bands during the installation process.

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