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To solve this problem, you need to check whether your program is allocating too much memory, and you can increase the PHP memory limit (memory_limit) by a few methods if there is no problem with the program.

Check PHP for Memory limit values

To view this value, you need to create an empty PHP file, such as view-php-info.php. Then paste the code inside.

Put the script on your Web server and call it in the browser. At this point you can see your PHP environment configuration information, some of which are about "memory_limit", such as:

Note: You can use this method to view PHP's other parameter settings, not just Memory_limit

How much should the Memory_limit be set?

This depends entirely on the requirements of your application. such as WordPress, running the core code needs 32MB. Drupal 6 requires a minimum value of 16MB and is recommended to be set to 32MB. If you install a lot of plugins (plugins), especially those for image processing, you may need 128MB or higher memory.

How to set Memory_limit

Method 1:php.ini

The simplest or most common method is to modify the php.ini

1. First find the php.ini file that takes effect on your website because there are multiple places where you can set PHP parameters, finding the correct profile, and making changes is the first step. If you have built a PHP file in the above method to see its configuration parameters, you can find the "Loaded configuration file", the following is an example:

For Linux users, you can do this by executing the Php-i | grep Loaded configuration File "to locate the corresponding profile. While Windows users, you can try to modify the php.ini in your PHP installation directory.

2. Edit PHP.ini in php.ini, find the "Memory_limit" this item, if not, you can add this parameter at the end of the file itself. Here are some examples of settings

Memory_limit = 128M; You can change the 128M to any value you want to set

Save File

3. Restart the Web server if the Web server is using Apache, execute:

httpd restart

In some cases, you may not be allowed to modify php.ini privately. For example, if you purchase a web hosting service, your provider does not allow you to modify the file. Then, you may want to consider other ways to increase the value of the Memory_limit.

Method 2:. htaccess

Note: This method only takes effect if PHP is executed with the Apache module. Find the ". htaccess" file at the root of your website, and if not, you can create one yourself. Then put the following configuration into it

Php_value Memory_limit 128M; You can change the 128M to any value you want to set

Method 3: Modify the PHP memory settings at run time

Add the following command line to your PHP code.

Ini_set (' Memory_limit ', ' 128M ');

Memory_limit modification failed

If you use a virtual host, it is possible that the Memory_limit value modification fails. This need to contact your service provider to see how to handle, usually they limit the maximum value can be set or do not allow you to modify at all. If their environment really does not meet your requirements, then you may want to consider changing a host service provider.

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