Ways to modify the size of the Win7 preview pane

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The taskbar thumbnail preview feature is a great application of Win7 's unique aero Peek, where the thumbnail preview window opens when the mouse hovers over the taskbar icon, helping users quickly find what they want to open, greatly simplifying the user's actions. In fact, the size of the preview window can also be changed.

Tools/raw Materials

Win7 System Computer


Click the Start menu button to open the Start menu, click "Run" (if not, right-click the Start menu, set it up) or press the keyboard shortcut "Win+r" key to open the "Run" program form, as shown in the figure.

Enter "regedit" in the text box to the right of the open text in the run form that appears, and click OK to enter the Windows Registry Editor. where "regedit" means Registry Editor, that is, "registry" + "editor", users can remember this, easy to quickly open the "run form", do not have to click the "Start" menu program to open.

After you have successfully opened Registry Editor, click on the annoying nodes in the registry tree to locate the hkey_current_usersoftware by clicking the mouse in turn Microsoftwindowscurrentversionexplorertaskband the registry key, as shown in the following figure.

After opening the above registry key, start a new key value below. First, click on the TaskBand node, then right-click in the right margin, click "New", "DWORD (32-bit)" In the context menu, then right-click the key value just created, and click "Rename" to name the key "Minthumbsizepx".

Next, double click the newly created "minthumbsizepx" value, in the new window that appears, select "Cardinality" as "decimal", the system default Preview window size is about 230 pixels, you can adjust it up and down, now take 500 pixels as an example to enlarge the window, as shown in the figure.

After the user has successfully completed the above settings, you can simply restart the computer or restart the Resource manager, and then move the mouse pointer over the taskbar icon to see the enlarged preview pane effect. You can also go back to the registry node where you modified the key value, reset the other values of the window, and change the preview window size at any time.

Attention matters

To restore the default settings, simply remove the "minthumbsizepx" key value, and after you delete it, you can use this experience again to restore your customizations.

Modifying the registry has a certain risk that arbitrary modification may cause system instability, please proceed with caution.

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