Ways to reload a Windows 8 system and retain system activation state

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  First: Prepare to restore the media. extract the Install.wim from the sources in the Windows 8 installation mirror to a folder (not in the root directory) of a partition on the hard disk, such as under E:sources. Of course, if you have the installation disk, plug directly into the installation of the CD-ROM, you can skip the second step operation.

  Second: Configure the recovery image. in a command prompt that runs as an administrator, type the following command return to run, and be careful not to throw away spaces.

Reagentc/setosimage/path E:sources/index N

Command interpretation: The path behind the paths represents the folder path where the Install.wim file resides. The n after index indicates the index number of the system to be restored in the WIM image file, and the Execute command "Dism/get-wiminfo/wimfile:e:sourcesinstall.wim" (without quotes) to view E: The system images included in the Sourcesinstall.wim and their respective index numbers. Make sure that the image you specify is consistent with the current system version (you need to use an image with Media Center for Professional Edition with Media Center), otherwise the activation information cannot be preserved after the reset.

After the operation succeeds, the Reagentc/info command is executed to view the recovery image configuration.

  Third: Start the recovery. Turn on your computer settings,

A, select General-Remove all content and reinstall Windows (start), click Next; we select "Only Windows-installed drives" so that only the partitions on the system are formatted and the other partition files are unaffected.

B, select Delete my files only, this option is simply to format the partition, the initialization process takes very little time (about 10 minutes). If we are going to transfer the computer to someone else, it is recommended that you select the second option, which will erase the partition first so that the files in the partition are hard to recover, which will take a long time to recover. Point "Initialize", and then automatically restart the completion of the initialization process.

C, the initialization process will take about 10 minutes time. After the completion will be restarted again, after the reboot requires some hardware-driven configuration, user account settings and other operations. After the configuration is complete, it will enter a new Windows 8 operating environment.

D, after initialization finishes entering the desktop, view the Windows activation status as activated, and then perform the Reagentc/info command again to discover that the configuration information for the recovery image has not changed because of initialization. That is, later want to reinstall the words directly to perform the initialization operation can (do not delete the Install.wim file), do not need to reconfigure the recovery image, the article title of the so-called "one key" is this truth.

Finally, to remind you that after installing Windows 7/windows 8, be sure to remember to use the Magic cube optimization Master's activation backup restore function to retain the activation information.

Conclusion: Through the above steps, you can deal with a variety of information slightly!

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