Ways to reset the ClearType settings for a Windows 8 system

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Many Windows users have discovered and tried to use the ClearType text tuner built into the system, and its interface is shown in the following illustration:

However, I believe that the second picture shows the position, many people are like me dizzy dishes, after the adjustment, found that the effect is not as good as adjustment.

How to restore it? This is a difficult problem, after a number of searches, including some foreign forums, most people did not find a solution, some people said that in a certain order to return to the side can be restored, after I try, in fact, this is still cannot be restored. And even if the same PC is on a different monitor, the procedures and steps for selecting the clearest text may vary. (That's my way.) )

So how do you reset the settings? It looks like there's only analysis. With ProcMon, no fruit, the specific reasons have yet to be verified. However, by searching for the developer's resources, I found some screen setup related information on MSDN, and by looking up and doing experiments, I finally confirmed that we could achieve the purpose of resetting the ClearType settings by modifying the registry two locations: (Let's take a PC of two monitors for example; Must develop the habit of backup before the registry operation

First, go to the registry hkcusoftwaremicrosoftavalon.graphics, in the following, there are several monitors will generally have a number of keys, respectively named DISPLAY1, DISPLAY2, ..., Displayn. What we need to do is to click on each Displayx key and remove all key values (except the key value "default") on the right. The normal ClearType tuning should look like this:

WINDOWS8 Tutorial

Second, go to the registry Hkcucontrol Paneldesktop, in the following, find four fontsmoothing start with the key value, respectively, set to 2,0,1,2 can.

Third, log off the currently logged-on user and log on again to restore the settings and reset the adjustments made by the ClearType tuner to the system default state.

Well, as you can see from here, the ClearType of the user interface is per-user related settings. This is reasonable because each user has a different effect on what the screen text likes, and there should be a personalized preference for each user to save. However, it is hoped that Microsoft will improve this tuner function in the next version of Windows, making it more practical and user-friendly and easier to understand and manipulate.

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