Ways to speed up the startup speed in Windows 7 systems

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The computer used a period of time, the software installed more, the file also accumulate more, many problems appear together when our computer will become slow, or even card machine, open a computer will take a long time. So how to solve it? Here we'll talk to you how to speed up the speed of Win7, so that everyone in the future with the computer can start quickly, experience the convenience of turning on the computer fast.

1, first click on the computer desktop to start, open the Control Panel, from the Control Panel to find power options, open the Enable Advanced Power Management page.

2, disk defragmentation. Turn on my Computer, right click on the files that are ready to be cleaned, open the Properties page, click on the last tool, open the Disk Defragmenter window on the selected disk, open the analysis, defragment, and the computer will organize the cleanup files.

3, open the optimization master in the disk cache optimization to remove the "Win Shutdown automatic cleaning page file," The front of the hook.

4, do not load DLL file. Open the computer, click [Start] on the desktop, and use the shortcut key win+r to open the Run window. Enter [Regedit] to open the editor. Then open the Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexplorer on the left side of the editor and create a double byte value named Alwaysunloaddll with a value of 1. If you want to get rid of this optimization, just set the key value to 0.

5, disable "NVIDIA Driver Helper Service, this service is usually not used by us, so just turn it off and save resources." Click Open on the desktop, click "Control Panel, view admin tools, open service", locate and right-click the Nvidia Driver Helper service entry in the pop-up window, select Properties, and in the Drop-down list box that has been started, select disabled.

6, modify the registry switch machine: Win+r Open the Run window, enter [Regedit], in turn, open the editor,[hkey_current_user]-> [Controlpanel]->[desktop], the string value [ Hungapptimeout] to [200], change the numeric data of the string value [Waittokillapptimeout] to 1000. Also open [hkey_local_machine]-> in turn [system]- >[currentcontrolset]->[control], change the value data of the string value [Hungapptimeout] to [200], and the string value [WaitToKillServiceTimeout] numeric data changes 1000.

The above is a brief introduction of several Win7 system to speed up the starting speed of the method, usually people simply to deal with the file, sorting out more space. can also try to use a few other ways to see, the two-pronged increase in the speed of the computer, so that our computer to maintain a long life and speed up quickly.

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