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WCF (Windows communication Foundation) is a unified, efficient development platform that can be used to build secure, reliable, service-oriented applications. WCF is a unified framework for building secure and reliable transactional services. It is a rich technical foundation for building a distributed service-oriented system that unifies message style and Rpc[remote Procedure call] style, and achieves platform optimization through binary and open standards-based communication.

It's integrated. NET platform, all technologies related to distributed systems, such as ASP. NET Web Services (ASMX), Enhanced Web Service Extensions (WSE),. Remoting, Enterprise Services, and Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ).

What is the difference between WPF and Silverlight?

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), mainly provides a unified presentation layer module to build a smart user experience such as Windows Vista, including user interface, 3D module, multimedia, files, etc. And Silverlight is a cross-browser plug-in that conveys the next generation of Web-page multimedia interoperability, a subset of WPF functionality, and a highly resilient, programmatic interaction with Ajax. Both are complementary and XAML-based presentation layers, and if compared to Adobe technology, Silverlight is like FLASH,WPF Air (formerly Apollo), XAML is like an mxml


WCF is the Windows communication Foundation, a distributed communication programming framework that Microsoft provides for building service-oriented applications, and is an important part of the. NET Framework 3.5. From a functional point of view, WCF can be seen as a asmx,.net of technologies such as the Remoting,enterprise service,wse,msmq.
WPF is one of the three core development libraries of Windows Presentation Foundation, Microsoft's newly released Vista operating system, and its main responsibility is graphical display, so called Presentation (rendered). WPF, in contrast to WinForm, separates the art (control style settings) from the implementation (the Code's business implementation) as a new architectural approach.
VS2008 new feature is the. Net Framework 3.5.

3.WPF is the so-called next-generation Windows interface layer technology, I think there is a full of future. However, since the release of Vista, user recognition is indeed not high.
WCF, it's okay to think of it as the next generation of Web service.

WPF used, even if it is the next generation of WinForm, the drawing can achieve GDI + some of the effect, the domestic book information is very small, also three or four.

WPF graphics-related, replacing WinForm
WCF communication, replacing WebServices
WWF Workflow


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