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Using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.linq;using system.text;using  System.EnterpriseServices;using System.Runtime.InteropServices; [Assembly: applicationname ("Hunjixinservicestransactiontest")]//name in the Component Services browser   [assembly:  Description ("coded by ljli 2/14/2009")]//description information in the Component Services browser   [assembly:  ApplicationActivation (activationoption.server)]//Startup Type the library activates in the creation process, runs in the client process, the Server type system   [assembly:  applicationaccesscontrol (FALSE)]//access settings, when off, users can access  namespace EnterpriseServicesCOMTest{     [eventtrackingenabled (true)]//allows monitoring, which the Component Object Browser can see. is turned off by default because it degrades performance       [description ("coded by frankljl for  Enterpriseservices cacular test ")]//the description information displayed by the Component Object Browser       //[ JustInTimeActivation (False)]//turns on or off the JIT start       [objectpooling (true, 1,  10)]//whether to enable object pooling, such asFruit object creation consumes more resources, you can consider whether the object pool       [transaction (transactionoption.supported)]//need to support transactional attributes     public class Cacu : ServicedComponent       {        public cacu ()          { }        PUBLIC STRING FUC ()          {             return  "Subtraction Operation";        }         public int add (int x, int y)          {            return x +  y;        }         Public int sub (int x,  int y)         {             return x - y;        }         public int mul (int x, int y)          {             return x * y;        }         public int div (int x, int y)          {            if  (y !=  0)             {                 return x / y;       &nbsP;     }            else             {                 throw new notfinitenumberexception (" Divisor cannot be zero ");            }         }            }}

Here's a place to be aware that ComVisible needs to be set to visible, otherwise the registration will fail.

Set ComVisible to False to make the types///COM components in this assembly invisible. If you need to access a type from COM in this assembly,//sets the ComVisible attribute on that type to true. [Assembly:comvisible (True)]


Using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.linq;using system.text;using  system.enterpriseservices;using enterpriseservicescomtest;namespace enterpriseservicesclient{     class Program    {         static void main (String[] args)         {             using  (Enterpriseservicescomtest.cacu  ca = new cacu ())             {                  Console.WriteLine (Ca.fuc ());                 console.writeline (Ca.add (12, 13));                &nbsp Console.WriteLine (Ca.sub (12, 13));                 console.writeline (Ca.mul (12, 13));                 console.writeline (Ca.div (12, 13));             }         }    }}

WCF Learning Journey----The EnterpriseServices of basic articles

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