WDCP V3 version modifies 8080 ports and common security settings and installation Ioncube Loader

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Today, Chiang Kai-shek in helping a user to install Imobitrax software, users to specify the need to install WDCP Panel environment Management, the original proposal is to install a key package LNMP environment, after all, the legendary WDCP there is a certain security vulnerabilities, but if we deal with simple security problems and hidden dangers, can still be used. So it is customary to install the original version of the old 2.5, because the RPM can be installed quickly, but after installation found not to get the official packet file, it is reckoned that the official has gradually abolished the old version of the software source (well known to save a copy).

Method is still available, because the current WDCP has provided V3 version, the old Chiang in the "WDCP panel V3 new version of the installation process and the common use experience recording process" experience installed, the interface is friendly, and the need for Apache, MySQL, PHP version are upgraded to a newer version. In fact, according to the customer needs to deploy the Imobitrax environment requirements, install the V3 version is more convenient and do not need to upgrade and compile PHP version (because IM software requires more than 5.3 PHP version).

Relatively, because there is no RPM Express installation package, so the entire WDCP V3 version of the installation process more trouble, intend to calculate, certainly more than 30 minutes of the entire process, so as far as possible to use screen, or because the situation fell on the tragedy, here I was on the side of the class, side hanging on the side to automatically install.

First, WDCP V3 installation

The code is as follows Copy Code

wget http://dl.wdlinux.cn/files/lanmp_v3.tar.gz
Tar zxvf lanmp_v3.tar.gz
SH lanmp.sh

Enter the official command line directly, then select the software combination as prompted.

We select the software portfolio as needed, which can be Apache, Nginx, or Zend component support that is required. At the same time, the V3 version is different from the previous version, which also integrates some of the components required by the software source. Then we have to automatically install, wait and so on.

When the run is finished and see the image interface, it means that the current WDCP V3 version installed, and then we can be accustomed to the browser address bar to enter the current server IP, to see if there is a default home page, and open Phpinfo can see the server information, if you can see this information, installation is no problem If it is not open, the installation is not successful.

Second, WDCP V3 modify port 8080

If there is an inherent flaw in the panel, there is no solution for most users, and all we can do is secure the underlying security issues. Because using the Web panel to manage VPS, we need to have a Web login panel, the same, as security considerations, this panel entrance is best only for our own access, so we need to hide the default 8080 port or a switch to the port we know, so that will not be easy to get the panel entrance.

Chiang has shared a method in the previous "WDCP Management panel replacement 8080 Port secure Login Entry Security" article, but this method does not apply to the V3 version, so we cannot solve this problem. How does the V3 version modify port 8080?

1, modify 8080 port (WDCP background-system settings-Modify the background access port)

As we can see above, we can modify the 8080 default port by finding the corresponding location. At the same time, we can also modify the FTP default 21 port.

2, restart the server is not effective

Here we'd better reboot the server to see if the new port panel can be logged in, because it was mentioned that after modifying the port is not saved to the rules, Chiang thought the official since there is a panel to modify the port function should be kept together with the rules.

The code is as follows Copy Code


After the reboot, I found that the new port is also able to log into the WDCP V3 panel, it seems that there is no problem, use the above script also check whether there is a new port.

The newly set 8989-port write rule appears to be fine.

Third, WDCP V3 other security settings

For ordinary users, we can do is simple security settings. Otherwise we have a special ability, certainly not to use the panel, directly compile their own version of the environment. Basic security still needs to be done.

1, delete WDCP panel default home and several other files, we need to/www/web/default/in the 3 page delete, but do not delete the wrong, do not delete the database folder.

2, modify the server root port (method), this is necessary, we need to modify the root port or login with the key to the VPS.

3, Backup, Backup, backup. If we use to build a station, we must pay attention to the regular backup data, no matter what our problem, always is right, do not be afraid of trouble.

IV, WDCP V3 installation Ioncube Loader

Because some software needs to use the Ioncube loader component, the general default panel is not installed, we need to install it by hand. And I have been in the "WDCP panel system installation Ioncube loader encryption environment method", but the installation is the same, but now the V3 version of the software is high, we can not directly use this.

1. Select Version Installation

A-32-bit system

The code is as follows Copy Code

wget http://downloads3.ioncube.com/loader_downloads/ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz
TAR-ZXVF ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz
MV Ioncube/www/wdlinux/php/lib/php/extensions

B-64-bit system

The code is as follows Copy Code

wget http://downloads3.ioncube.com/loader_downloads/ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.tar.gz
TAR-ZXVF ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.tar.gz
MV Ioncube/www/wdlinux/php/lib/php/extensions

32/64bit the version based on the number of system digits, then download the Ioncube and move to the extensions directory to locate the corresponding directory file.

2, set the software path

We find the php.ini file in the current WDCP and then

The code is as follows Copy Code

[Ioncube Loader]
zend_extension= "/www/wdlinux/php/lib/php/extensions/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.6.so"

Add to PHP.ini, the previous PHP version of our low, as long as 5.3 can be, here we PHP is 5.6, so ioncube also need to use 5.6.

3. Restart effective

Here to ensure that the entire environment is not a problem, it is best to restart the server, and then look at the Phpinfo file to see the presence of Ioncube. If not, the installation is unsuccessful. (Note the PHP version to determine the directory)

V, WDCP V3 Modify ports and install Ioncube components summary

1, whether we use a panel or a key package, the basic security of the server still need to do, at least a little bit of security.

2, modify the port or modify any system configuration, recommended multiple reboots several times, so as to see if everything is normal. Because some software after installation, restart after the failure, so this can determine whether the installation is complete.

3, Ioncube need to install separately, because V3 version of the PHP version is higher, we ioncube also need to install a high version. Deploy the php.ini path according to the PHP version and then determine the configuration. (if there are not installed can find old Chiang to solve)
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