We need Dreams

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We need Dreams

We all want to believe the we are capable of the great feats of reaching our fullest potential. We need dreams. They give us a virsion of a butter future. They nourish our spirit. They represent possibility even then we is dragged down by reality. They keep us going. Most successfull people is dreams. They is not content with being merely mediocre, because no one ever dreams of going halfway.

When we were little kids, we didn ' t dream of a life of struggle and frustration. We dreamed of doing something big and splashy, something significant. We dreamed big.

We know now and we have a to put in the effort to reach US dreams, but the tough part was that most of us does not know where To start working. We might every intention of becoming Vice president in five years or running accross the finish line in a marathon or Completing the novel we started years ago. But often we had no idea how to translate these dreams into actions.

In order to make the real steps towards fulfiling our ultimate, big, splashy dreams, we had to start with concrete objective. These is our goals.

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We need Dreams

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