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TeamLab is a free and open-source platform for commercial collaboration and project management. Main functions of TeamLab include project management, milestone management, tasks, reports, events, blogs, forums, bookmarks, Wiki, and instant messaging.

ZenTao PMS

Zentao is the first domestic outstanding open source project management software. It integrates product management, project management, quality management, document management, organization management, and transaction management. It is a fully functional project management software, it perfectly covers the core process of project management.

Online demo: http://demo.zentao.net/user-login.html

XPlanner +

XPlanner is a project management tool specially designed for the XP (eXtreme Programming) team.


NavalPlan is a Web-based project planning, monitoring, and control software developed based on the ZK framework.


2-The plan includes both the desktop and Web application platforms. The desktop is a product used to replace Microsoft's Project software, while the Web Platform provides a Web-based Project management platform.


WhoDoes is a Web-based project management tool suitable for various complex project planning. It can be used to manage daily project transactions, task allocation, and schedule, and track the progress.


Collabtive is a Web-based project management system. Features provided include project management, instant chat tools, task, file management, time tracking, and multi-language support.

Easy to use

Ability to manage projects, milestones, and tasks

Baseline Import

Time tracking

Multi-language support


DotProject is a Web-based project management tool developed using PHP. It includes the following modules: company management, project management, task progress tracking (using Gantt charts), forums, file management, calendar, communication records, memos/help desktops, permission management and topic management for users and modules. DotProject has been translated into 17 languages and adopts modular design to facilitate expansion.


JxProject is a free desktop project management tool that supports Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X systems. Its main functions include timeline, Gantt Chart, resource allocation, and task management.


PHProjekt is a modular collaborative office system for sharing information and documents. It includes the following components: Team calendar, Time Card system, project management, request tracking, document management, address book management, Email client, forum, chat, notepad, and shared bookmarks, list of projects to be processed, voting system, etc. PHProjekt supports multiple protocols, such as ldap, xml/soap, and webdav, and has been translated into 36 languages. In addition, it supports seven types of databases, including MySQL, Postgres, Interbase, Oracle, Informix, and MS-SQL.

Gantt Project

Gantt Project is an open-source Project management software authorized by GPL. It adopts a desktop management tool developed in Java and supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X systems. It is suitable for small Project teams, includes progress management and project manager advisor functions.


ProjectPier is an open-source project management program based on the PHP + MySQL architecture. You can manage tasks, projects, and teams through the ProjectPier web interface. ProjectPier supports multiple projects and multiple teams. It helps teams communicate and collaborate, and makes project management more transparent and simple through functions such as task setting, discussion version, milestone, and on-site information.


QdPM is an open-source project management system developed based on the Symfony framework + PHP/MySQL. It allows you to add additional fields to projects, tasks, and users to customize systems that meet your needs. It also supports multiple languages. By default, files in multiple languages are provided.

Project HQ

Project HQ is a collaborative open source Project management software, similar to Basecamp and activeCollab. It provides a problem tracking system.


What OpenProj does better is that it is cross-platform, and can be used in Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac (this Unix version is special and has always been specifically listed.

You can consider using OpenProj for small projects. After all, it can save a lot of money. As a product positioned as a replacement for a Project, the use of the product should be similar to the Project, you can easily get started.

Endeavour Agile ALM

Endeavour is a Web-based software project management tool. It is suitable for managing large-scale iterations and incremental enterprise system software projects. Its main functions include: use Case Management, iterative development, project planning, demand change management, defect tracking, test cases, document management, and other functions.


KForge is a system management software and knowledge project. It re-uses existing best tools, such as version control system (SVN), Bug Management (TRAC), and a wiki (trac or moinmoin ), make their system facilities (projects, users, permissions, etc ). KForge also provides a complete Web interface for project management and a fully developed plug-in system, allowing you to easily develop new businesses and functions.


Plandora is a platform for demand change and Project Management. It uses Gantt charts for Task Planning, and the project cycle is stored in the knowledge base.


Todomoo uses hierarchical tasks to organize projects, and uses different categories to store payment information, timers, and additional information for each task. This is a free software.


Project-open is a Web-based project management system developed by TCL. It helps your business in fields such as customer relationship management, sales, project planning, project tracking, collaboration, and schedule, invoice and payment.


Like its name, iTeamWork provides team members with project-related documents and necessary information to help them quickly and efficiently work.


Kunagi provides integrated project management tools to facilitate collaborative development by the project team. Kunagi provides Web interfaces similar to desktop software, which is very easy to use.


Redmine is an open-source, Web-based project management and defect tracking tool. It uses calendars and Gantt charts to help projects and progress visualization. It also supports multi-project management. Redmine is a free open source software solution that provides integrated project management, problem tracking, and support for multiple version control options. Although commercial project survey tools like IBM Rational Team Concert are already powerful, they want to stick to a free and open source solution, redmine may be a useful Scrum and agile choice. Because Redmine's design is greatly affected by Rrac, their software packages have many similar features. Redmine is built on the Ruby on Rails framework. He can boast of platforms and databases.


ProjectForge is a Web-based project management solution that includes: Timesheet, expense management, project Gantt chart, and project Breakdown Structure Control and Management. Integrate JiRA as a problem management system.


Web2Project is a LAMP-based project management system.


Codendi is a software project collaboration management platform that provides configuration management, problem tracking (bug, task, requirement, etc.), document management, and an Eclipse plug-in; continuous integration interfaces, reports, and test solutions. developed based on the LAMP architecture, this service provides SOAP Web interfaces.


Streber PM

This network-based project management system is a fully open-source project that contributes and updates to a group of interested developers, most of which use project management tools for their own purposes. Freelancers and small teams can easily install engineering and tracking tasks, problems, bugs, and efforts.


Project tracker is a simple and powerful tool used to track multiple projects. This is an HTML-based software project plan tool that supports time features of a project plan that combines documents and standards using technology from over 20 years of software development.


Cornelius is a highly customizable open-source project management network application written in Java. This is used to manage common tasks, such as project management, task tracking, human resource planning, and costs for any company.


LeanPM is a project management software used to manage the correspondence between customer needs and functions in the project.


TUTOS is an Internet-based open-source component or ERP/CRM/PLM system that can be used to manage small groups and teams required by the Organization.


Vermis is a software issue tracking and project management platform. Use PHP for development.


Jorp is a project management system developed based on PHP + MySQL. It allows you to track project, task, customer, and other information.


It is a project used in an open-source phpCollab and a free-Network-Based System and needs to work together on the Internet. The system allows the client to add a project, a consultant to add tasks, a deadline and a progress report, and a client to view what is happening and when.

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