We recommend an excellent Chinese source code hosting service.

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I don't know if anyone has ever written this article. I just want to share with you the idea of being innocent.

Because GitHub is unstable in China, a few days ago it began to look for other code hosting services, and was lucky to find a product coding. Net developed by Chinese people.

As soon as I arrived, I was attracted by the cool design and immediately applied for an account with a try attitude.

This site seems to be in the trial phase shortly after its launch, so all services and functions are free of charge! Each account can create 1000 projects (including public and private projects) without capacity restrictions (at least I have not found them). There is only a limit of 50 MB for a single file.

Coding. net uses the GIT repository, which can be used in https, ssh, and git. Therefore, most gitclients can use it, for example, sourcetree I use. The project management functions are also very sound, and there is no difference with GitHub.

As the biggest highlight of coding. net, it is important to count its project demonstration platform and quality management functions. The project demonstration platform is an online project demonstration platform for program testing and demonstration. projects that meet the deployment conditions can be demonstrated through one-click deployment, copy the demo link to share or present the project with external users. The quality management function can perform static checking and Analysis on the code in the GIT repository to determine whether it complies with the best practices and provide quality analysis reports, provides project decision-making and management lead exams for relevant management members. In other words, the above two functions are free of charge.

In addition, coding. Net also comes with lightweight social networking functions to facilitate developers to exchange technology and find friends.

Three projects were pushed up in one breath, two private ones were made public, everything went smoothly, and the speed was very fast. I like this and plan to host the project one after another.

We recommend an excellent Chinese source code hosting service.

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