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When talking about open-source cms, we first think of php cms, because php is the earliest open-source and most recognized by users and webmasters, with the continuous improvement of the functions of various major cms systems and the emergence of various open-source cms systems ,. net and java's high-end cms systems are gradually taking the Open Source Path, especially. net cms system, from the earliest open source abroad, to now committed to domestic. net cms system development companies and teams gradually recognize the inevitability of the open source line, so they are competing to propose the Open Source strategic line, but some are not all open source code, its core source code is retained.

The primary factor for webmasters to choose cms is whether it is open source, whether it is open source, and all source code is open.

The following is a summary of the open-source CMS after learning about the We7 system: in-depth research on personal recommendation of We7 (ASP. NET.

The We7 system is a model of the Web application framework. Is in. the open-source content management system developed by C # On the net platform is designed with a three-tier framework. It is suitable for commercial websites, enterprise intranets, and external networks, as well as portal websites and e-government affairs, you can use the custom features of the content model they proposed to customize the application software. Is a word: Convenient !! You can manage projects in all aspects more easily.

What I like most about we7 is its unlimited scalability. It is like an open platform where programmers can play their part and provide all the source code. I want to change it to a cms system suitable for large portals, publish. Five types of databases are supported: access, SqlServer, sqlite, mysql, and Oracle)

We7CMS is asp.net's first open-source website content management system. The content management systems of asp.net and Java have always been known as high-end website content relationship systems. There has been no bold open source code for businesses, and We7CMS is the first to open source code. It has opened up a broad path for the improvement and improvement of the asp.net system.

We7CMS system features: Based on the basic architecture, We7CMS adopts a three-level design architecture with high scalability and good design. It is suitable for subsequent personalized secondary development and integration.

Currently, the outstanding open-source cms system. net open-source cms is the mainstream. It is also a system targeting high-end markets and users. The system must have a complete template mechanism to support the separation of templates and programs, facilitating the extension and development of the template style, we hope that more and better open-source cms systems will be available.

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