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The Zhangxiaolong user experience question and answer: the goal of the user experience is to be natural.

Before we discussed the user experience, many stay in the interactive/interface, such as the Google xi*2 to create a smart Web experience, of course, these are professional products/designers to consider things, many sites in the beautiful design behind, or feel the lack of some "taste"

Today found a mobile phone shopping website T guest online, focus on the "Shopping Guide" service, positioning is a social shopping guide platform. Mobile phone purchase is not a high frequency of bulk consumption, users in making decisions, will do a lot of preliminary research.

The question I throw is, planing the details, how we are in the decision-making behavior and process to fit the user behavior, forming a natural user experience, because to comment on the site, the purpose is to help users produce the most reasonable behavior (consumption) decision-making.

We draw a complete user decision process:

There are many ways to generate demand, as in the following three situations:

1, is the user directly to our website, trying to solve a problem

2, by his friend recommended (share to the content of micro-blog) attracted to come,

3, see our Advertising/publicity, come and look around

In the 1th case, the user is in the decision-making stage, in the 2nd case the user is in the production demand or the decision-making stage, the 3rd situation user is in the generation demand stage.

Of course, the actual situation is more complicated than this, for example, the user is come with different purposes, we can not ask all users to come in at a decision stage, which requires the user experience of the 1th

One, clear, easy to understand website navigation

T-passenger Online column division is a fitting user decision-making process, news and the first part of the column is to generate demand for users, home is the regular channel summary, news channels we can see a large length of information/evaluation to enable users to generate demand, shopping guide is to help users to make decisions, the community is to help users after the sale/use, Take into account a number of help users to produce decisions.

The name of the column is clear and understandable, such as shopping guide, news, community, users can easily understand what this channel is doing, and "pick the phone" alone out of the recommendation, as well as in many important locations of the site to do the key recommendation, that this column is the focus of the site. This actually gives us an inspiration, whether it is the channel naming, or merchant classification, all try to be clear, easy to understand

Second, the transition of the user's decision

"Pick mobile" column, we can see that this column is not only to the user's "decision-making stage", but also includes its first level "own estimate", according to the user's own preferences, to recommend the most suitable mobile phone.

The whole process is clear and can be simply understood as "Who am I", "What am I doing with my cell phone", "How much money I have in my pocket", "My Special hobby"

In the recommended results on the right, we can see that there is a significant primary and secondary point in the recommendation. And there is no "only recommend one", because users do not trust you, they need to contrast to form their own decision-making, the T-customer to do more thorough, in the bottom also put a "view more models", want to see you see enough, of course, This behavior does not allow the user to jump out of the "machine-picking process"

For some serious users, not what he wants? Then help me recommend some of it!

There is also a more important part of the T-passenger's selection process, although there are 7 steps, but does not make the user feel long, because as long as the user involved in the process, no matter where the step, will see the right side of the result, as the steps increase, users will see the results more and more suitable for themselves, if the lack of results output, it will make people feel lack of motivation

Three, "All roads lead to Rome" a variety of decision-making methods, reasonable arrangement

For public users, the choice of mobile phones, although not as a house, but also a big decision, which fundamentally determines the site can not use the "casually choose" or to pick a restaurant, watching a movie the same way to make decisions. For the T-passenger, there are several ways to make decisions

1, editing recommendations,

2, the Talent Shopping Guide (price, promotion)

3, friends recommended

4, Pick mobile phone

5, Brand concern list (brand influence, such as still have a lot of people talk about Android know HTC)

6, Mobile phone list

7, mobile phone comparison (soft and hard index comparison)

8, users share (user sharing experience) 9,

Ask questions (go directly to the community to ask questions, explain your needs, may get a reply from a netizen)

10. General Screening/Reviews

11, mall parity

Although a lot of decision-making methods, but are arranged in the page in a reasonable position (such as mobile phone contrast, appear in many of the list position), and eventually converge to the mall parity (business model)

If the decision method is less, you can select a main decision way, develop a series of auxiliary decision ways, and ultimately relate to the business model.

Iv. timely "Reception" and "Output"

Back to the beginning of the user decision flow chart, we can see that many stages will have questions, users may not have a question immediately want to ask questions, but accumulate to a certain extent, will inevitably affect the user's decision-making process (jump to other sites to find answers, or simply leave)

For the site, how to "receive" and digest these questions at the right time? In the top right-hand corner of the T-Guest, we can see the search and ask questions clearly.

Each step of the user will produce some experience/sharing, showing the likes, comments, questions, sharing, and so on, the hidden user browsing volume, into the contrast bar, these actions will maintain the social atmosphere of the site

In the appropriate time to arrange some accessibility or shortcuts, users can easily solve the question or contribution content (data), we are not in the other channel basic "questions", to like/share the deployment is not comprehensive

V. Social elements

Social Login, T customers have been integrated micro-blog and QQ login, it is noteworthy that there is no regular user name password login method, which shows a certain degree of their social determination, QQ shortcut login (directly detect the running QQ client), so that the cost of user login is very low, On the basis of these mature social websites, it is easier to form a circle

Social sharing, whether it's information, mobile phone, or pictures, can be easily shared out, similarly, if the promotion to reach people, can also be from outside the station to share information, products come in, in addition, user questions and answers, like, comment, share can be friends (including other social networking site friends) see

In addition from the operation of Mushroom Street data, users use the most or "like", "like" No "collection" formal, the threshold is relatively low, users more likely to produce "like" behavior

Summary: T-passenger is built on the Discuz platform on a new site, now look at the UI design is still very immature, and in the shopping guide services on a large number of exploration, which the socialization of sharing, decision-making methods and processes are worthy of reference.

The author of this article: Grand King Zhang

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