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Considering the national day there are many people do not have the means to go to the computer in front of the tutorial, then, to give you the goods on the decisive take away!

The end of the article there are small surprises oh ~

In our web design process, our hearts want a variety of colors how to debug out of it? Especially in our computers? Below, we through the hue collocation and the impression Collocation classification method, carries on the color collocation on the computer, and has the corresponding computer code to each kind of color which matches. In this way, when we design the site, we can easily get the color we want.

Color collocation in Hue collocation classification

The common color collocation in web design is sorted in order of hue. Each class is dominated by the hue, with other hues or with hue, using a method of contrast and reconciliation, sorted in order from brisk to intense.

The classification of the impression collocation in color collocation

Since each color has its place in the impression space, the impression of color matching can be estimated by addition and subtraction. If each color is high brightness, then their superposition, naturally will be soft, bright, if each color is strong, then they superimposed, it will be thick. Of course, in the actual design process, designers should also take into account the multiplication and division method, such as the same brightness and contrast color, the angle on the color ring is different, collocation will get the ever-changing feeling.

Know that in accordance with the Hue collocation and the impression of collocation, we can easily on their own computer with their favorite color.

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