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Article Description: Beauty of Composition: How is a good topic composed?

A successful topic page, most of which will have the following key elements: color, composition, style ideas, details and so on. A page from scratch, the designer needs to the entire page has the overall design and the control, the good picture segmentation can let the user see this page to be able to be visually attracted, even does not have to browse the concrete content to be able to understand this page many information. The same material, the same color, different composition can make the page out of the effect of a difference. If you still hold a topic that is a good head map, the following content step-by-step to fill in, then you are out. Now the theme of the design more and more overall picture sense, does not look like the site, more like a beautiful magazine or a wonderful graphic design works.

Good page composition can make your page more colorful, also can make you do design more effort. Next, let's look at how some of the best topics are composed.

(The following examples are from the Internet)

1. Geometrical cutting

In the real life and nature, we can find the existence of geometric figures, simple triangles, squares, rectangles and circles and even a few lines will be able to form a lot of interesting graphics, but also in line with modern aesthetic needs, the appropriate screen cutting can bring dynamic and rhythm to the page. Add a few lines, several pieces of surface can make the page to play an unexpected effect.

The realization of the time to note that the material is not suitable for too complex and fancy, will generally be a solid color large with the gradient, mainly prominent shapes and blocks.

A. Simple Cutting

Using a shape or material to split the entire page, the scene instantly becomes interesting and lively, and the content area can be effectively divided.

This type of composition does not require too much content and can be arranged at will. The specific layout can be processed according to the content, and it is the most commonly used topic page, the most common way of composition.

B. Symmetrical cutting

This form of composition is generally the premise of the content is divided into two parts, and the two parts are antagonistic relationship between the circumstances, such as: battle, men and women, hot and cold and so on. The page divides in Split, the content divides clearly also more has the visual impact.

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