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Site Planning Page planning:

1, with an HTML editor and a few megabytes of server space can not be said to immediately plan the Page. Before you start writing, looking for pictures, and making HTML symbols, you should first construct the organization number for the underlying page. If there is nothing to say, don't say anything. If the beginning of time in the brain does not have a properly defined structure, it will almost certainly end in a mess. Start with a little discretion, then continue to learn, and constantly improve. Uninstall some of your favorite pages, check the HTML source file, see how it is written, put it all or part of a test file for Inspection. Copying other people's Stuff over the page is plagiarism, but learning from others is a process of discussion.

2, when we first entered your homepage, they are generally not looking for the local, they may be looking for something to choose from, in hypertext terminology is the use of mouse points to the words, pictures, buttons and so on, next is to read the text, select an option, press the mouse button, the next page appears and then repeat the PROCESS. The trick here is to determine the appropriate ratio of keystrokes when reading. If too few options are available, visitors will find it uninteresting, and if too many will scare Others.

3, if the content of the page contains a large amount of information, in Changsha do the site www.zh68.com start planning page before you have to determine the good reader object. It is meaningful for novice or new visitors to construct a fixed file and give clarification at the Beginning. For example, an elucidation table for the content or a similar construct. If you want to satisfy common sense or experience a reader who is not at the same level, the supply of restrictive clues will allow some readers to move beyond the basic content to a direct Approach. All levels of readers should be taken into account when supplying Connections.

4, do not let the reader Unprepared. Instead of having to fill the page with sounds and pictures, and do not make the file too long to keep the reader waiting for the heel to cool when loading the file, be cautious when using the picture: big pictures will obviously drop the speed at which the page is set up, but many small pictures that need to be loaded in Order.

The above is the Site Planning page planning, hope to help us!

Web design, page Design

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