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Portrait as a Web page background in the domestic web design is not much to see, but is a foreign site is very enthusiastic about a thing, this seems bold and adventurous, in fact, can greatly improve the user experience of the Web page.

The author once in the "graphics and text collocation, Web page is not tired," the case mentioned that visual guidance for the first time to visit the site's users is very important. When the user comes to a completely unfamiliar page, the site must be properly guided, so that users can continue to browse the direction of the click.

The advantages of the character background web design is not only that, the following is the author for you to collect a variety of related cases, let us continue to explore in the case.

1, the first case is the author for Oyama customization of the official website. From the first screen design is not difficult to see the site needs to show a positive, vibrant atmosphere. So the designer is very clever to integrate the character elements into the Metro design style, so as to avoid the visual fatigue caused by many colors, but also to use the rich bright colors, so that the site looks more lively and vibrant.

2, ballet and ordinary characters background page design is different, in the character's processing did not use the big picture of high definition, but deliberately do a full of hazy fuzzy processing, with the classic black, let the page a layer of mystery. In order to cover up a lot of white may bring the monotony, designers use the big action of the characters to make the page look more substantial.

3, Hotdot's website background style seems to be in line with modern designer's taste. In the background of the characters to use the bright spot is not only the unique eye-catching makeup, but also in the direction of the character's eyes. From the layout of the entire site, the user experience is not ideal, navigation in the bottom of the first screen, and the font and color is also very bad for reading. Therefore, designers use the view of the characters, the user's view to the bottom of the navigation section, to a large extent to make up for this deficiency.

4, this site is obviously a product promotion site, so designers use the simplest direct way to attract users to focus on products. Although the product is small in the first screen, but still able to focus the viewer's attention on the part of the product, in addition to the product part of the design is as concise as possible, even the button also uses the Phantom button design.

5, the use of large high-definition graphics as a background is the 2014 Web page design trends, in this case also has a certain embodiment, and the use of high-definition images is the characteristics of the picture to make the reality more powerful, but at the same time may be lost some aesthetic. As shown in the following case, Granny's wrinkled face does make the Web page more of a sense of life and intimacy, but if not to be modified will appear some Xu pale monotonous, so the designer cleverly to the texture background, so that the screen looks neither distorted nor beautiful.

6, this case uses a large number of circular elements, and seemingly independent graphics instead of the user will pay particular attention to the content and organization of the relationship. Carefully look at the layout of each circle, the designer is very careful with the layout to make up for geometric elements brought about by the "messy", so that users feel the personality of the Web page.

7, there are characters in any scene can show different feelings, even if there is no eye, the movement of communication, a simple figure can also cause the viewer's infinite reverie.

8, Metro design coupled with colorful colors, the first eye of the visual impact is still very useful, but this can only be targeted at the users, look at the two eyes will make people a little confused. And the use of the characters in the case to make the whole picture coherent, the image of each character's body flow into the user to browse the site clues.

9, LOCALS Apparel site in the first three screens have used the character background, these three pictures of the characters show different forms, but the effect is very similar to show. This page background is a very typical use of the characters in the screen to guide the user's case, the designer to use the same characters in different directions, so that the whole become both unified and clear.

10, he? and it! The anthropomorphic animal image of humor can add more humorous color to the Web page. As shown in the following case, the gorilla has become the main character of the entire page, in order to draw the user's attention to the content or navigation, the designer added a solid color block to the content, so that the page is prioritized.

The use of characters as a background of the Web page style is mostly simple, because it can be better to show the role. The expression is indeed a wonderful form of inner manifestation, and a subtle change will give the other person a different message.

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