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It was interesting to visit some blogs about web pages and graphic design, and after reading these blogs came the idea that you should find the common ground of these excellent design blogs and learn their advantages.

A designer who does not know how to appreciate excellent web works may never know the true meaning of reference; a designer who cannot integrate the essence of a good work into existing needs may never find a real inspiration. Even those seemingly original design, the inspiration is often from the designers in the long-term use of the process of continuous accumulation. Design comes from inspiration, inspiration comes from--this is the "rule of success" that every web designer should keep in mind.

1: The website logo design is very thoughtful.

The importance of the logo is self-evident, the first time visitors to open your website is the first introduction of the logo. It is your site's intangible assets, a good logo design can let people remember. Also do not forget in a variety of website Avatar can also use the same logo, increase the user's impression of your site.

2: All the website navigation is very clear.

The clear navigation navigation bar is the most important part of the page, because it is the main way for users to use the site. So make your navigation a little clearer from now on, and don't let your users use your site.

3: Most blogs are two-column design.

The two-column layout looks clearer, and the content display area is generally more visible, providing better readability. Of course not to deny the design of the three columns is not good.

4: The right side of the Web page is mostly small piece of picture advertisement.

Of course, this is a well-designed picture ads, picture ads can be more intuitive and clearer to the customer to display information. But many, such as Google ad's image ads and the overall design of the Web does not match. This requires you to screen the image ads and independent production. Good picture ads will enhance the overall beauty of the site, enrich the content of the site.

5: Web page all use div+css design.

The use of DIV+CSS architecture also has many advantages, such as easy revision, do not need to change the content of the page, the speed of the page will also be significantly accelerated, clear structure, easy to search engines, div+css optimized SEO.

6: The list of articles are illustrated with illustrations.

To add pictures to each article, not only make it not easy to cause visual fatigue, so that the Web page looks more reasonable, beautiful, and with illustrations is easy to read the article has a mentality to continue reading.

7: There is a page about ' about me '.

A page about me lets visitors know exactly what your site is, so it's easy to get closer to you and your readers. Unfortunately, Lou's blog does not yet have a complete introduction to my page, and I have tried to do several. Look forward to this independent page can be done.

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