Web designers and developers must learn three reasons for Network Marketing

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Abstract:In addition to mastering profound technical skills, web designers and developers should also be familiar with marketing themselves to gain a greater competitive advantage. This article provides three reasons for learning network marketing and a Learning Guide.

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Reasons why Web designers and developers must learn online marketing
Describes the three reasons why Web designers and developers must learn about network marketing. The following is the compilation of this document. The content is as follows:

In recent months, I have interviewed many successful web designers and developers. They all seem to have one thing in common: they all spend time learning online marketing and have built a powerful online business. I am curious about the reason why more people can do the same thing?

If you are a web designer and developer who understands and carries out network marketing, I believe that you not only have a huge competitive advantage, in addition, there will be opportunities for a better life within one or two years. Why?

When you are good at technology and network marketing, you can do the following three things:

1. Get more customers

I would like to share my experience here.

I am not a web designer. When I need to design a login page for my website to build an E-Mail list, I publish the recruitment information on a free recruitment website.

Then, I immediately received a lot of feedback.

The following is an excerpt from the applicant's application information:

"I am a free web designer and have more than five years of experience in web design, proficient in HTML, XHTML, Web2.0, J-query, HTML5, layout, W3C standard, CSS, iPhone & Android uidesign. ......"

It sounds good, right? Completely wrong.

The problem is that this person does not know my customer at all. I want to build an online business, but I don't know anything about web design, so I want to find a web designer to help me with this. This person must have the following qualities:

● Understand HTML5, jquery, and W3C standard web designers;

● Web designers who know the conversion rate, email list, and sales.

I don't care about "HTML, XHTML, Web2.0, jquery, HTML5, layout, W3C standards, CSS, iPhone & Android uidesign ." In fact, I don't know what it means for most of the words. Conversion rate, an email list will be built ...... This is what I'm most interested in.

You may think this is the only way to do this, but in fact, most of the web designers you recruit are very similar to me.

As a freelancer, Ramit Sethi has helped thousands of people around the world make money.

His views on this issue are as follows:

"Most people focus on features.

They said, 'with my web design service, you can get one hosting account, ten design pages, and so on. '

In fact, the customer does not care about this!

What do customers want most? They want to make money, get more customers, and spend less time solving the problem. By talking to them, you can find this point.

Start your homework here. Discover what the user really wants and take it as your service advantage. Don't say, 'You can get ten web pages', you should say, 'Look, my goal is to help you increase the volume of calls by 25%', or higher, 'The goal is to increase your income by 15% '. This is a benefit. No one cares about how many pages are there, how much time you plan to spend, and what software you will use. They don't care about this. They hope to get more money and more customers in a shorter period of time. Focus on what they want, not what you want ."

Most customers hire web designers for commercial purposes, which is critical. Therefore, to impress these customers, you must show them solutions that can help them achieve their business goals. This is why you need to understand network marketing.

There are many web designers who can make beautiful websites, but few web designers who know how to help customers get more sales.

What kind of web designers do you think can get more customers and charge more fees?

2. Build your own brand

"How to Get paying customers" is the biggest headache for freelancers around the world. Think about it: if the customer finds you directly, the customer will pay you no matter what you ask. Isn't it better?

This is not a fantasy. It is very realistic for people with strong personal brands.

How can we build personal online brands?

The process is summarized as follows:

1. Create a popular blog;

2. Obtain a group of high-quality social media fans;

3. participate in various "out-of-class" activities, such as presentations at technical conferences.

Note: This is only a few key points. The practice process is much more complicated than this, and requires a lot of commercial knowledge and unremitting persistence.

These can help you accomplish two things:

1. Build yourself into an expert;

2. Get a lot of exposure.

If someone wants to find someone to complete a job and they meet someone called an expert in this field, what will happen next?

They certainly want to hire this person.

Building a personal brand requires a lot of time and effort, but these efforts are completely worthwhile. Time is about to pass, isn't it?

However, to do this, you must have a good network marketing knowledge. You must know the rules for winning the game.

I suggest you watch Jacob Cass's TED speech "Building a personal brand" to learn about the benefits of powerful online performance.

3. obtain additional income

As a freelancer, there are always unexpected events. Do everything possible to ensure your economic security. One thing you should do most is to diversify your capital flow. I really like an excerpt from the application information of a candidate named author a Greif. He sold his e-books online for $15000.

"In general, it is important to have a source of passive income. For me, it is necessary because as a freelancer, there is not much security work. Without some security assurance, it is difficult to plan for the future. Also, if you want to take a vacation for a period of time or stop working for a month or two, it will be great to get extra income, even if the income is small, up to several hundred dollars a month. But it can at least meet your diet or rent.

For me, it is very important (although this is not the only method, you may succeed without any extra income ). I don't want to say that every designer needs a passive income source, because in this case, it may be complained by some people, but for me, I think it is really important."

If you are already known as an expert in your field and have a group of Quality Online fans, it is not difficult to develop a channel for passive income. There will be many different ways to make money, for example, creating and selling your own products, selling others' products (consortium marketing), or simply advertising on your website.

When you don't work, isn't it good to continue earning money?

Even so, remember that passive income is not what some people imagine-"It can be automatically earned without time and effort ". First, you need to invest a lot of time and effort to create a product, and then put a lot of effort into marketing it.

Several major mistakes you should not make

Many people started to build online businesses. But most people fail. Sorry, this is a cruel reality. But what is the cause of failure?

The following are two main reasons:

1. They underestimated the time and effort required to get the expected results.

In most cases, people think that they can receive results in one or two months. This is completely an illusion. It's no wonder that they gave up in less than six months.

You may have noticed that I have mentioned "hard work" and "a lot of time" many times in this article ". In most cases, it usually takes 6 to 12 months to get results on blogs and social media fans. Once you get the results, you have to start thinking about converting it into a currency in some way. Creating a successful online business in two or three years is a very realistic thing, but you need to know what you want to do.

2. They think that as long as the technology is good enough

To be a successful Baker, you must be good at bread. But to open a successful bakery, you must first be familiar with the business, and then bake. Do you agree with me?

It is not enough to successfully operate a web design blog or sell your e-books as a good web designer. Of course, you need to know what you are talking about. If no one visits your blog, your point of view will be futile. Do you want to make money online? Learn about network marketing.

If you have a reasonable expectation for the time and effort you have spent and are willing to learn about online marketing and commercial trade, you are likely to successfully build your online business.

How to get started?

Now you may think it's cool to learn about online marketing, but you don't know how to start.

Now let us know the good news: There are many websites on this topic. You can learn the most important things for free when releasing such free articles.

7 websites that will help you learn online marketing from scratch is an article I wrote on this topic. Seven online marketing and entrepreneur blogs are listed in this article. At the same time, bloggers of the relevant blogs are introduced and their interview links are introduced. In addition, there are links to some important materials. You can start learning from here.

It is not difficult to learn something simple. You can read one or two blog posts every day. When jogging, you can listen to some podcasts. From time to time, you can attend some online seminars. You will be surprised to find that you can learn a lot quickly without spending a dime every day. Then you can use what you have learned. (Compilation: Chen qiuge)

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Reasons why Web designers and developers must learn online marketing

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