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The program to do good and fun, is proud of the tradition of travel, AO 3 ads filter is also so. From "Easy to use", whether it is the Smart window filter system, or manual screen advertising shielding, no need to intervene too much, simple and easy to use. And this seemingly simple system, but also has a very powerful function, in addition to filter the window, advertising, some of the fun application methods have been dug out by fans.

Figure 1

Change the font of a Web page

Microsoft ya Black font after the release, with its beautiful font style, good readability of the majority of users to obtain recognition, many users set it as the system font. In the AO 3, the user can also use a simple code to set the page font for YA-black, so that the Web page display more perfect.

First open the page you need to change, click on the 3 browser in the lower right corner of the Ad Hunter button, select "Edit blocking rules."

Figure 2

A dialog box pops up, the dialog box is divided into two parts, the left is the name of the current page, and the right is the rule edit box. What we do, then, is to write the corresponding rules in the rule edit box to achieve the desired effect.

Figure 3

We enter "##* {font-family: Microsoft Ya-Black", monospace!important} in the rule edit box. (excluding quotes), click Finish to convert the current Web page to an elegant black font (see figure).

Figure 4

Similarly, if users like other fonts, you can also put the code "Microsoft Ya Black" to replace the font you like.

Specify page font size

Sometimes, we need to make some changes to the page font size, such as some elderly friends to watch the small print more laborious, and some sites do not provide adjustment functions, so you can travel 3 of the filter rules to achieve the control of the size of the page font.

As with the control page font, you need to first open the Edit Blocking Rules dialog box, enter "##* {font-size:12px; monospace!important;}", where the "12px" is the size of the specified font, users can adjust according to their actual needs.

Remove link underline

The link in the Web page by default has an underscore, although eye-catching logo out of the link, but also make the page appears very messy, thus affecting the overall beauty.

In 3, you can remove a link underline by typing "# #a {text-decoration:none!important}" in the Rule Editing dialog box.

Figure 5

See here, some friends who are familiar with CSS must have found that these few usages is actually the application of CSS selector. In addition to the above examples, you can also implement more effects through different statements, such as customizing the background of a Web page. I believe that with the popularity of 3, similar applications will be more and more, and we can through the browser to truly build their own network of the world.

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