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When surfing the web, have you ever experienced the problem of QQ space not open, web game crash and so on? For example: In playing pinball sugar, Locke Kingdom and other Web games when the page will not open or crash; sometimes, QQ space can not enter, at the same time there are related prompts appear, such as: "Plug-in Adobeflash has crashed", " Browse this page need to install plugin "and so on.

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Do not worry when these problems occur, this is due to your computer's Flash plugin crash caused. When we enter a Web page or space, these flash-based works are not properly opened or are not fully displayed. The general solution to this situation is to reinstall the plugin, which is cumbersome and does not completely solve the problem.

360 Security Browser New 3.6 official version of the browser, so that the problem is easier to solve, the new "browser Doctor-flash automatic Repair" and other features can automatically repair the high crash rate of flash plug-ins.

360 Browser doctor's Flash automatic repair function, can automatically detect the original Flashplayer plugin and system conflict, if there is conflict will automatically repair, your computer will no longer appear browser can not open farms, pastures or restaurants and other problems, and web games and video playback will be more fluent.

After you open the 360 secure browser, you can see the 360 browser doctor's icon in the bottom corner of the browser, and then click to eject the 360 browser doctor's main window (figure I). In the 360 Browser Doctor window, you can see three options: QQ space repair, browser kernel automatic repair and flash automatic repair.

Figure I: Flash automatic repair

These default states are turned on and will be automatically repaired as soon as they are turned on. Of course, if the browser cannot automatically detect the kernel or flash problems, you can also be the kernel or flash problem manual repair, only need to click "Manual Repair" can be achieved, very convenient and quick.

360 Security Browser launched the new 3.6 official version, not only to further upgrade the six-tier defense system, to provide users with a more secure, high-speed Internet experience. At the same time, but also constantly through the understanding of the user's "pain point", and continue to solve the user's difficulties, become a number of Internet users preferred.

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