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The Web management platform has a lot of tools. But it was less on the go, so it added a wheel. What good would it be to write with go? Based on personal development experience, there is a need for a data management platform for virtually every project that needs to be delivered. and the management platform coding in fact, most of the duplication of work, adding and removing changes, as well as the front page to write. Plus the deployment environment can take a lot of development time. This work is required for almost every project, so it is entirely possible to save development costs. Goadmin is also produced on the basis of this demand. Goadmin, as a Web management platform build tool with go, takes advantage of go. 0 Deployment Time , Portable (Windows, Linux, Mac), simple configuration installation , excellent performance and so on.

Because of this kind of wheel PHP more, but also because the domestic use of PHP developed a lot of friends. The previous consideration was that using go to invoke PHP's framework was portable, but it was very difficult. So consider re-building the wheel. This project is inspired by Laravel-admin. Thanks to the author of Laravel-admin.

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Project development

The backend is based on fasthttp, and the front-end page is based on Adminlte. Fasthttp is an excellent network package with net/http performance over native go. Adminlte is the world's most widely used front-end management UI framework.

Project Preview

Project Development Progress

The current portability is not yet complete, but it has been initially available to go developers. You need to clone the project source to local, then configure the build locally, then you can run it, please visit the Project Readme for details.

Welcome to join the development. ^-^

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