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Since both web. maps. ve v2.0 and the ajaxcontroltoolkit are both built on top of ASP. net Ajax, They compliment each other very well when used together to easily create some very dynamic user experiences. one of the requests we 've gotten a few times is to give an example of how to show a popup over the map when a user clicks on a specific pushpin. this example demonstrates just such an example using both web. maps. ve v2.0 and the ajaxcontroltoolkit's modalpopupextender control.

Download source code: webmapsve_2.0_popupwindowdemo.zip (753.58 KB)

This demo website also allows you to easily manipulate the pushpins/shapes on the map in the following ways:

    1. Left click an existing pushpin to edit it's title and description using a popup Dialog
    2. Left click to add a new pushpin and enter the pushpins title and description using a popup Dialog
    3. Hold the control (CTRL) Key while left clicking on an existing pushpin to delete it from the map

The total source code for this example is pretty short, and it demonstrates how to perform the above mentioned actions all from within server-side. net code. there is actually no JavaScript written to wire everything up with this example.

Also, once you download this demo website, you'll need to do the following 2 things before you can hit run within Visual Studio:

    1. Download web. Maps. ve V2.0 from http://simplovation.com/download
    2. Copy the "simplovation. Web. Maps. Ve. dll" file into the "bin"
      Folder within this demo website.

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