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Article Description: design is in constant progress, with the user experience, the development of user awareness, product demand diversity, the concept of continuous exploration and update, we believe that navigation design will have more possibilities! Perhaps the next new form of design will be born between you and me! More and more research and exploration on navigation design will bring new visual and use experience to users.

Navigation is an indispensable part of web design, and it is a quick way for site visitors to get the content they need. Navigation allows the hierarchical structure of the site to be clearly displayed in a structured manner and to guide users to find and manage information effortlessly, to deliver effectively. At the same time, navigation is generally located in the upper part of the Web page, but also in the Visual center area. While maintaining its reasonable function, a good navigation design, often can become the whole web design of the finishing touch of the pen!

A designer in the layout and overall planning Web page design, navigation is always an important element. We think, what form does the navigation show? Is it possible to maximize its ability to comb the structure of the Web site and deliver information effectively? Can you contrast and match the design style of the whole page? Is it possible to embellish and embody the characteristics of the website without affecting its functionality? is the ability to strive for excellence as a key to the entire web design? So let's share and analyze some of the navigational designs that make the designers think carefully.

The design of the navigation will be based on the site's basic categories, attributes and characteristics of the location. Here, I selected a number of systems, portals and other types, have clear features, user positioning, products and brand characteristics of the brand category, topic-type sites. For these sites, the design of navigation will break through our common horizontal long navigation or vertical navigation, will be more meaningful, fun and interesting, is to allow designers to enjoy the development of creative design and thinking of "a little meaning" of the navigation design! quality class, to the navigation dot material!

The material class navigation, is touches the navigation, increases the navigation means the most commonly used design method. In the design of website with special orientation and user point, it is widely used by designers. This kind of quick, simple, effect direct design way, can quickly the product characteristic and the designer's ingenuity presents. and the material class navigation design often can not break the basic form of navigation, can be very good to maintain the function of navigation, page layout of the neat feeling. Therefore, the characteristics of the product can be expressed flexibly in the structure and position of the fixed Web page prototype. Designers can carve the internal material, so as to create a different meaning of navigation, a small bright spot in the entire page.

B. quasi-class, so that navigation is more than just navigation!

How do you make a page look immersive and integrate into the world of the site's products? So it is necessary to let the user's visual experience really feel the existence of the product characteristics. At this time, a common inflexible navigation, far from meeting the design needs of the page. Even if the product picture is seductive, a cold navigation without the atmosphere, on the page not only let people disappointed more damage should have the atmosphere. Therefore, more and more design, so that navigation into a foil, enhance the web and product atmosphere of the exciting! Quasi-class navigation, like the chameleon, in different positioning of the web design, capture and adapt to the characteristics of the environment, so as part of the environment. Quasi-class navigation, can be a drawer, can be cloth, can be trees, can be anything you can think of and creative out of things! Break all the established rules, do not have to be a long quartet, do not necessarily have to uniform layout, quasi-class navigation can be the designer's initiative to play to the extreme! This kind of navigation design, in the entire Web page can achieve another layer of functionality, that is, to help improve the product to the user's powerful visual awareness, and has not seen the details of its products, you will be able to feel ahead of what it is, what style, what kind of pursuit. Make navigation more than just navigation!

C. morphological class, change shape design navigation!

D. Fusion class, "harmony and common" navigation design!

E. extension class, navigation design more possibilities! The

Design is progressing, with the improvement of user experience, the development of user awareness, the diversity of product requirements, the constant exploration and renewal of the concept of designers, we believe that navigation design will have more possibilities! Perhaps the next new form of design will be born between you and me! More and more research and exploration on navigation design will bring new visual and use experience to users!

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