Web page Form automatic filling technology (Gmail as an example)

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The following is a reference fragment:
var ie=wscript.createobject ("Internetexplorer.application");
var args = wscript.arguments;
var followme=http://www.google.com/;
if (args.length>0)
Followme+=args (0);
Ie. Navigate ("https://www.google.com/accounts/Login?continue=" +followme);
Synchronizeie ();
var doc=ie.document;
Doc.forms[0]. Email.value= "lixianmin@gmail.com";
Doc.forms[0]. Passwd.value= "The password is written here";
This is because Persistentcookie this checkbox sometimes and sometimes not.
if (doc.forms[0). Persistentcookie!=null)
Doc.forms[0]. Persistentcookie.checked=false;
Doc.forms[0].submit ();
Synchronizeie ();
Ie. Visible=true;
Wait for the IE operation to end.
function Synchronizeie ()
while (ie. BUSY)
Wscript.Sleep (100);

Suppose that the file is saved as googlespecific.js, stored under the%windir%\system32 path, and a Google.bat file with the following contents is also placed under the%windir%\system32 path.



Then, execute the statement at the command line: Go mail, you can login directly to your gmail.

Similar commands are also:

Go Notebookà Memo Book


Go Bookmarksà Network Favorites

If you enter the go without any content, it will be in your name landing on the Google.com home page. In addition, Googlespecific.js is best to encrypt with Screnc.exe, encrypted file format is. JSE, but even this does not guarantee that the password in the file is not seen by others (Scrdec can be decrypted). A better way to keep secret is to ask you to give me more advice.

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