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Introduction | Web page

  Idea Article

Before you start to do the homepage, you must have a complete idea of your future homepage, avoid doing whatever you want to do. In that case, either half of it is unsustainable, halfway, or the home page is messy.

First of all, should be for their own home page to determine a theme, such as computer, music, etc., in case of a hodgepodge, not only increased the difficulty of looking for materials, but also for the maintenance of the future site to bring difficulties. Second, should give their home page to determine several columns, and according to these columns, design the entire site's main frame, this framework should ensure that visitors to visit the home page, whenever he wants to go to any one column. Again, pay attention to the background and body color contrast to improve the readability of the page, and pay attention to the most important information in a conspicuous place. Finally, it's about the layout of the page, including using plain pages or frames, where to insert pictures, text, or hyperlinks. These can be determined by the individual itself, which will form the entire site's style. But there is a point must be noted, should try to keep the page neat, logo clear, avoid messy, rather less put something, otherwise, easy to let visitors overwhelmed.

 prepare an article

The homepage is a systematic project, which involves many aspects. So don't start without a few conditions. Simply put, the following conditions are required:

  1, convenient access to the Internet, the production of the homepage of the material, a large part of the tools from the Internet. and the homepage also must be in the network debugging unceasingly Consummates, even after completes the homepage, but also must the network maintenance frequently.

  2, at least one e-mail box. (Don't tell me that you don't have it!) )。

  3, apply to an ideal free home storage space. This is critical because it is not only a repository for future home pages, but the implementation of some features on the home page relies on the services provided by those sites. However, it is not easy to apply to the ideal place. The following are the criteria for determining the location of a store:

① speed, ② server stability, ③ whether to provide CGI (Public gateway Interface) permissions and install Microsoft Frontpage Server Extension,④ the size of the space (typically 10M or more), but as far as I'm trying to find out, Most of the dozens of storage space providers in the country have stopped accepting new applications.

  Tool articles

In order to make the homepage, I have tried more than 100 kinds of tool software, but you do not have to repeat the same. Here I would like to recommend to you the following several, they are I tried to stay on the hard drive.

  1, Web page production tools. for those of us who do not know HTML, the first push for Microsoft FrontPage 98/2000, its standard toolbar layout, similar to the Office series, and WYSIWYG, is easy to get. Other tools are not as good as FrontPage as a whole and are therefore not recommended.

  2, as for graphics tools, we have more choices. can be divided into three categories in principle. One kind is the plane graph tool, this kind of tool theory function is the most likely to Photoshop, its powerful function is enough to be able to deal with any graphics processing work, certainly must be skillful to apply it is not easy matter. So I recommend another one, that is paintshop, it is a lite Photoshop, features a lot and easier to use. The other is the animation tool, the easiest to use the number of Ulead Gifanimator 3.0 (its trial version can be downloaded from the http://www.ulead.com/, can be used for free 15 days file size 2M), its animation Wizard makes it easy for you to animate multiple images. It also works with the Animator-shop in the paintshop and the ability to make the image an animation. Also, if you can get the latest version of Photoshop, version 5.5, the accompanying Image Ready 2.0, which is designed for Web animations, is also a good choice. Its interface is almost the same as Photoshop, the use of a similar place, and it is integrated with Photoshop, you can switch with Photoshop, and share the process (History), for those who like to use Photoshop, Image Ready 2.0 is not to be missed. The third category is the three-dimensional image tool, because the Web page on the three-dimensional image requirements are not high, and mainly related to the text, so just use Ulead cool 3D is enough to deal with, its official version can easily produce dozens of kinds of 3D text effects, but also, the text can be dozens of animation processing, And can share the filter with Photoshop, the function is very powerful and practical.

  3, JavaScript special effects tools. to make the homepage more colorful, it is inseparable from JavaScript. Believe you, I don't know anything about JavaScript. But it doesn't matter, we can find no 57, less fool tool. Here we recommend a JavaScript tool written by Chinese people-------Cologne. It provides 30 kinds of special effects, including dynamic hyperlinks, pop-up welcome information, automatic refresh, display the last updated time, etc., very convenient to use.

  Publish article

After the home page, it should not be difficult to upload the home page to the application for a good storage space. General free home providers offer two ways to upload. One is the HTTP transmission mode. In this way, only by the browser into the provider's home page, login to their account, select the HTTP transmission mode, you can directly select the file on your hard drive upload. Another way is to FTP upload. I recommend to you the FTP tool is cuteftp (download address is: http://www.webjx.com/htmldata/2005-03-18/1111161075.html), cuteftp support multiple file uploads and direct window drag and drop.

Promotion article

Home page do a good job, if there is no visitors or visitors scarce, of course, is a great drawback, the principle of the network is "wine is also afraid of the alley deep", therefore, the homepage promotion work appears to be particularly important. There are two ways to promote the homepage: Login search engine and advertisement Exchange. The best way to bring a lot of visitors to your homepage is in the major search engines, such as Sohu (http://www.sohu.com), leisurely tour (http://www.goyoyo.com). To register your home page, just go to the homepage of the search engine, fill out an application form, you can wait for good news. General domestic search engine will be within 2-7 days of your home page to join its database, and send you a letter of confirmation. With enough success, you can wait for a large number of visitors. Another way is to advertise the exchange, the so-called advertising exchange is on your home page to display the advertising banner provided by The Advertiser, each display of your own banner can be displayed on the other People's home page 0.5 to 1 times. Domestic such a lot of advertisers, the famous Network League (http://www.webunion.com), Cool Station ( and so on. You can visit The Advertiser's homepage and you can get an ad code after you fill out an application form, and you must include this code in your home page. To make an ad exchange you must also design an ad banner for your home page, which is the advertisement you make for your home page. Generally GIF image, size is 400*40 or 468*60 pixel, file size should be controlled under 10K or 7K. If you have no experience in this area, it is recommended that you go to smart Click (http://www.smartclicks.com/bestban/current.html) to see what good banners have to learn from. After uploading your banner to The Advertiser's request, visitors can visit your homepage by clicking on your banner.

Special tip

1, cut a large number of large size pictures on the home page. due to the limitations of domestic network bandwidth, most users are slow to surf the internet. For the download of the picture normal download speed is 3-5k/seconds, so every page, especially the download volume should be controlled below 30K. Because it's hard to imagine a visitor waiting half a minute or even a minute later to be interested in staying on your homepage.

  2, when using FrontPage to make the homepage, must learn to apply the table. because only by using a table can you easily and efficiently arrange the layout of pictures and text. A picture, a piece of text should be put in a cell of the table as much as possible. You can freely design the layout of a page by using features such as split, merge, and insert cells.

  3. To understand and monitor the homepage visitors, you may wish to apply for a counter and several statisticians for your homepage. adding a counter on the home page visually indicates how many visitors have visited your home page so far, when you add a statistic, you can access your own personal account by clicking on the statistics icon on the home page to get a lot of detailed reports on the number of visitors, visitor areas, time slots, visitor sources, and so on. Counter applications have a lot of options, we recommend that everyone to apply for the 1tong statistics bar! The use of this site is the feeling of 1tong can also.

  4, you may wish to set up a message area on the homepage so that visitors can make comments and suggestions and provide their personal information to improve the interactivity of the homepage. Message boards can be implemented through the form functionality in FrontPage.

  5, before you upload the homepage, it is important to note that the file name is case-sensitive because the UNIX system is used on the web and the UNIX system is case-sensitive, so if the link on your home page points to a file name that does not match the actual filename, then the link is not there. You don't see this when you're debugging on your own computer, so be sure to pay special attention. It is recommended that you first use uppercase or lowercase letters for all filenames in order to avoid unnecessary hassles in the future.

  6, about IE and Netscape compatibility issues. after using FrontPage to do your home page, be sure to look at Netscape Navigator, because FrontPage is not fully visible in Netscape. So you need to adjust the home page's display in Netscape to take into account a significant portion of the visitors using Netscape Navigator.

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