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IEXPLORE Application Error Detailed:

1. Send Error Report

"Symptom" in the process of using IE to browse the Web page, "Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem that needs to be closed ..." information tip. At this point, if you click the Send Error Report button, an error report is created, and clicking the Close button causes the current IE window to close, and if you click the Do not send button, all IE windows will be closed.

"Fault Comments" This is a small program ie designed to understand the user's errors in use, but I do not want to be Microsoft's "free tester", not to mention that every day it will face thousands of reports, who knows whether I care about my report problem?!


For different situations, you can use the following methods to turn off IE to send error reporting function:

① to IE 8.0 users, perform control Panel → Add or Remove Programs, select the Internet Explorer Error Reporting option in the list, and then click the Change/Remove button to remove it from the system.

② for IE 8.0 users under Windows 9x/me/nt/2000, you can open Registry Editor and locate [Hkey_local_machinesoftware microsoftinternet Explorermain]. In the right pane, create a DWORD double byte value named IEWatsonEnabled and assign it a value of 0.

③ for IE 8.0 users of Windows XP, perform control Panel → system, switch to the Advanced tab, click the Error Reporting button, select the Disable Error Reporting option, and select the "but notify me when serious errors occur", and then click OK.

2.IE internal error occurred, window is closed

"Symptom" when using IE to browse some Web pages, an error message dialog box appears: "The program has performed an illegal operation and is about to close ...", clicking the OK button then pops up a dialog box prompting "Internal error ...". When you click the OK button, all open IE windows are closed.

Fault reviews This error causes a variety of reasons, memory resources too much, IE security level settings and browsing sites do not match, conflict with other software, browsing the site itself contains error codes ... All these situations are possible and need to be tackled with patience.


① to close too many IE windows. If you are running a program that takes up a lot of memory, it is recommended that you do not have more than 5 windows open.

② reduce IE security level. Perform the Tools →internet options menu, select the Security tab, click the Default Level button, and drag the slider to reduce the default security level.

③ IE upgrades to the latest version. IE 8.0

You can use IE as the core browser, such as MyIE2. It takes up less system resources, and when the browser fails to close, the next time it starts, there will be "whether to open the last occurrence of the error page" prompts, as much as possible to help you recover the loss

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