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In our previous article, we have introduced six tools for code management, task management, payment tools, data logging, Dashboard Analytics, customer support. This article describes the remaining seven categories of tools.

A/B Testing

A/b Contrast testing technology has been in use for many years, but the tools for performing such testing have just emerged. I don't think all site layouts need to be tested in comparison. But tapping the drums on the layout you've designed may uncover some of the Ui/ux styles you've never thought of before.

Visual Website Optimizer

I took some time to read the instructions for using Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) and tried a few, and I was impressed with the results. VWO's diversity test allows you to compare URLs with A/b model of JavaScript. You can record data such as cross-domain access, and you can take screenshots of the user's actions. This is a feature of a lot of easy-to-use applications.

Another important feature I would like to mention is the team work function. VWO allows multiple users to log in, and then gets different permissions based on the account. This is undoubtedly the best optimization tool in a team of designers and developers.


Optimizely is another young competitor in the A/B testing market. The draggable feature makes it easy to change. Developers may want to check again before running the code, but it's much easier to maintain the site. I dare say optimizely is the best choice for new people who are not very familiar with the contrast test. It operates smoothly and the UI is reasonable.

File Sharing and Storage

Sometimes you'll need to share some files between computers or with coworkers. Now some instant Messenger chat software allows files to be transferred directly, and the cloud hosting solution exists for this reason. The market is still small, but it is growing very quickly.


Dropbox is a free solution that provides a significant amount of server space and supports a variety of operating systems. I think most people who need cloud storage are using Dropbox, so it's reliable. You can organize your folders and the contents of them and share them with others, which is clearly personalized.

It's great to use Dropbox with your teammates on the team. It's also good for a single user, depending on how much you need for cloud hosting.


I now use CloudApp to transfer documents and photos between computers every day. It's a bit messy compared to Dropbox, because all the files are sorted by time in the same root folder. But the UI also allows you to sort by file type. It is a concise cloud file hosting app that allows you to upload and download operations quickly and easily, even on mobile devices.

Email marketing

The way you communicate with users and customers has been evolving, but e-mail is an evergreen tree. Marketing campaigns don't interfere with busy users. They will receive a beautifully unread e-mail in their mailbox. The following tools will help you manage your subscriber list and push news messages out of your email server.


I prefer mailchimp compared to other similar applications because their customer service and backend dashboards are great. MailChimp has been on the line for some time, and users are getting more and more. Users have full control over their email lists and the frequency of sending new marketing messages.

If you want to have a general understanding of the words, you can browse their feature introduction page. MailChimp's template engine is very strong and even offers some free templates. People who have experienced the pain of writing marketing email code from scratch will confirm how useful the prefabricated templates are. The most important thing is that if you sign up for a free account, the MailChimp will always be free. No trial period is always free unless you choose to upgrade the version.


Postmark is another application that supports sending dynamic e-mail through the API. These emails may be sent when a user buys something, registers a subscription, or uses your application to crash and then send an error report. For situations where e-mail is sent automatically at different times, postmark is a better choice and does not send marketing emails in large batches.

Problem tracking

A hole to fill when you start a new project is error handling and bug tracking. Maybe you have a lot of solutions installed on the server, but choosing a third-party tool can be just as good. It depends on your needs as a developer and the number of bugs you plan to handle. The following apps that provide bug tracking will help you solve a lot of headache problems.


Since the release of Sifter, I have been concerned about their upgrade through the relevant blogs. Its project management dashboard is useful for handling annoying bugs in your code. It can be used by many projects to assign bugs to different people in the team.

But the bad news is that you can only get a 14-day free trial after you sign up, with a charge of $29-149 per month.


Sentry is my personal recommendation because the dashboard is very beautiful and the installation process is fast. Website projects and mobile apps can benefit from the sentry features. The most special thing is that you receive a real-time report when an error occurs in the application. In addition, it can run on many platforms, including Java, PHP, Rails, Python, Objective-c, and more.

After registration there is a 7-day free trial. Sentry has a robust open source error capture architecture, which I am quite satisfied with.


A few months ago I saw coalmine for the first time in an article it. Now it seems that the error-handling service is really good. It supports PHP, Rails, Python, and Google app engines. It's completely open source and hosted on GitHub, you can go up and look.

Coalmine's free solution is great for beginners who are not yet familiar with error handling.

Load test

Many social networking sites are often in trouble because they are expanding too quickly. servers and databases cannot handle huge amounts of access, and long periods of downtime can be costly to your project. Although this is often caused by virus-transmitted access, this can happen on any type of Web site.

The following test tools help developers to walk through how to face and handle the huge drop in traffic.

Load Impact

Load Impact is one of the fastest solutions and is suitable for testing sites with a large number of visits. After you turn on the remote connection test, you can open the dashboard with statistics on the server. It can help locate problems in your code that can lead to long loading times. To get a better understanding of load impact, check out its list of features.


Unlike load impact, selenium is not a cloud-based solution, it provides a completely different way of testing. You can download the selenium plugin installed in the browser and it will automatically perform load management related tasks. such as user login, update avatar Photos, comments and other tasks. It's not as straightforward as self-hosted apps, but selenium is popular among developers.

Recommended reading: "Ten free Web stress test Tools"

Cloud IDE

I have a lot of inspiration for the user interface is done in the cloud environment. There are a number of tools that allow you to make a fully customized HTML/CSS/JS website with only the Internet connection and browser.

If you write code on a mobile device or want to share your temporary ideas with others, the Cloud IDE is a great choice.


In my opinion, the characteristics of Cloud9 have not been fully concerned. After registering for a free account, you can use a small piece of server space to do the testing. CLOUD9 is a fully integrated IDE that connects to projects hosted on GitHub or BitBucket.

The cool part of CLOUD9 is that it provides complete app hosting for beta testing and new design features. With $12 per month, you get access to some of the features available to members, additional HDD space, and shared code. You can create and test static HTML or dynamic PHP pages on top of it. If you want to learn more, go to their feature introduction page.

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The stunning jsfiddle is definitely not a replica of Cloud9. Instead, it is a simpler tool to create and test the Web interface without a desktop program. Registration is free and allows you to save the project online for later reuse. The release system is a bit like Git version control, you can upgrade the project, or you can reset the main root file.

All new fiddle are public by default, so it's easy to share links with other people or post links to your website or blog.

JS Bin

Another thing to mention is JS Bin, which has a very similar interface to Jsfiddle. Your upgrade is displayed on the output page, and you can choose to switch between the different display settings. Only the HTML and output sections are displayed by default, but you can also open the CSS and JavaScript code display via the buttons on the toolbar. JS bin registration is also free of charge, online sharing code is also public.

Social media

The network and marketing of any successful business is a big part of it. Today, social media is the leader in viral transmission. Here are some tools to keep your Facebook and tweitter feeds on edge. You can also register to use other services, such as YouTube or Pinterest. Each tool has its own bit, and you need to think about their pros and cons.


HootSuite has been there for some time and there have been many variants. You can schedule a post to be sent in a forward or original format at some time in the future. Even better is the referral feature, where you can merge members of different teams into a single account.

HootSuite offers a free solution that allows you to use 5 different basic configurations. The free program also allows you to use most services, but if you're using it as an enterprise-grade marketing system, consider other options.


The alternative to HootSuite with many of the same functions is buffer. I like to use buffer because it's easy to get started. You can quickly register your account and set up the relevant social settings. It also offers extensions for Chrome and Firefox, as well as Android and iOS apps.


SocialFlow is an interesting tool that differs in the way it deals with marketing content. You can track chat sharing links in real time. Users can access a number of images and tables that are associated with your social marketing dynamics. The app is currently in beta, but you can ask for a demo to focus on what's going on in the near future.

Post-knot language

The process of creating and running a Web site over the past decade has changed a lot. It is now much easier to deal with things like code upgrades and sharing changes with team members. The countless resources on the web are the key to enabling us to do a better job. But of course, I have no way to find out all the useful resources. These are a guided tour of the resources I have collected. I would love to see more suggestions and resources in the comments. If you are using any of the similar tools, then you sincerely hope to see your evaluation of these tools.

Web project management tool selection (bottom)

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