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Brisket is nearing the end of the last item that will knock on so many days of the site successfully released, nearly spent the afternoon, and finally it was successfully released, the following to give you a specific share of the next release of the relevant steps, is to share the results of the afternoon. first, the original code of their own packaging release

second, after the successful release, Next is to install IIS, the following red boxes are all checked.

Control Panel-Programs and Functions

Third, click OK, and then we do the relevant configuration of IIS

find the Add site to the right, make the following configuration, I wrote this:

Note: The port is specifically written as a custom, as long as it is not 80 good.

Select your own site, right-edit permissions, enter everyone in the text box, select Everyone's permissions, click OK.

after the permissions are set, click the application pool and find the site you added, right-advanced settings. Set the contents in the Red box below.

After the configuration, we click to select your site to add the default document, this time the choice is the homepage of your site.

All right, here we go. For the IIS Setup to come to an ending, let's set the asp.net. to see how to configure ASP.net, please pay attention to my series of articles.

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